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At Gillium & Hays, we understand that your fundraising event goes beyond just putting money in your organization’s coffers. It’s not just about selling things.

It’s also about creating a greater willingness and desire to give; about genuine sincerity in representing your organization; about making your patrons feel great about attending your fundraiser and look forward to attending the next one and giving even more.

With our experience to draw from, Gillium & Hays will help your organization in determining the best auction logistics, finding the best available support personnel, give advice on venue selection, what items will perform well at your fundraising auction and more.

Whether you’re planning to hold your very first live fundraising auction, or if you’ve been holding live auctions with an auctioneer for several years, we can help take your event to the next financial level by working smarter and achieving remarkable financial results.

What they've said...

“Dax added a new level of excitement to our auction! His level of energy grabbed everyone’s attention and helped us raise almost three times more than we did at the previous year’s event”
-- Kim Chavez Cook, Auction Chair
Public Interest Law Group, University of Denver, Denver, CO

“With (their) enthusiasm and congeniality, Dax and Lu worked the crowd and doubled the targeted amount we’d hoped to raise for our biggest philanthropic project.”
-- Nan Koenig, President
Assistance League of Denver, Denver, CO

“You did the best job I’ve ever seen engage and energize the crowd – and against the backdrop of people being afraid to spend money! You are terrific!
-- Karen Cody Carlson
Dental Aid, Broomfield, CO

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