2018 Meeting Professionals International Rocky Mountain Chapter GalAuction

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 at 5:00 PM 

Baldoria on the Water

146 S Van Gordon St Lakewood, CO 80228


Celebrate your colleague’s contributions to MPI and the hospitality industry! Please join us for the MPIRMC Annual Awards Gala and Auction—Tour of Italy—at beautiful Baldoria on the Water. While we will celebrate the year of success and award those who exemplify the foundation of our Chapter, we will feast on the flavors of Italy. Ciao! Let’s take a tour of Italy! From the northern regions of Milan, Venice, and Genoa, to the central cities of Florence, Rome and Tuscany, all the way down to Naples and Sicily, we are about to venture on a grand tour of the world’s biggest boot. Featuring food from all three regions we will experience a dining experience unlike no other. Themed food stations will feature samples from the Northern, Central, and Southern points in Italy. With some special passed hors d’oeuvres to get things rolling, and a surprise dessert station to finish things off. But we’re not here only to eat and drink. We are also here to raise money for our chapter and foundation and we have some very tempting ways to make this fun and worthy. To assist you on this self-guided tour, you are equipped with a passport book and you must visit and stamp your passport at every auction station in order to completely fill out your book. Only those travelers that have visited all regions of Italy—and can prove it with their fully stamped passport book—are eligible to participate in a very special drawing for a very grande prize [tbd].


Name: Julie Brignon
Address:2850 S Gaylord St Denver CO 80210
Phone: 7208370523
Email: julieabrignon@outlook.com
Website: http://www.mpirmc.org

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