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Statement of Purpose: Blacktie is the place where nonprofits get noticed.

Blacktie offers a complete and proven toolbox of essential NPO services including the biggest and best NPO event calendar for Colorado for planning and scheduling events, professional photojournalist coverage of member benefit events, online ticketing and RSVPs, silent auction management, automated seating charts, On-line sales and fundraising -- over 35 event planning and communication tools!

The busy Blacktie Colorado Web site averaged over 5 million hits a month in 2007 - Over 59 MILLION hits in 2007!

Blacktie, and the services and tools we empower our member charity groups with, helped fundraise an average of $500 thousand a month in 2007 -- an annual fundraising rate of nearly $6 million using Blacktie tools!

Our Blacktie photojournalists take more than 5,000 photographs at our member events each month and in addition, Blacktie has over 118,000 photographs from over 1,600 events during the past seven years that are constantly being searched, displayed, and e-mailed (as TRUE viral marketing) for free all over the world!

2007 was a great year for Blacktie, and more importantly, for our members. 2008 is off to an even bigger start than last year. Everyone here at Blacktie is working hard for you to make certain that 2008 will bring even more of that kind of solid growth, exposure, fundraising, simple event management and overall success to all of the Blacktie membership -- bringing together more nonprofits and more of the people who support them.

Let us show you how!


Address: 1660 S. Albion St. #1025, Denver, CO 80222
Phone Number: 303-832-2903
Fax: 303-832-8311
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 25



Director(s): Co-founders Georgia Imhoff and Kenton Kuhn


Founded: 2001
Community Served: The entire state of Colorado and 10 other states and Canada


Ongoing Projects: Bringing together nonprofits and the people that support them




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