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Statement of Purpose: Child Safe, a non-profit agency located in Ft. Collins, has been providing services to the Northern Colorado area since 1986. Prior to that time services had been fragmented, ineffective and resulted in a lack of perpetrator responsibility, lack of protection for victims and increased trauma to victims and their families. In 2004 Child Safe served 204 child/adolescent victims and 239 non-offending family members.The mission of Child Safe is to: * Repair the damage done to victims and their families.* Reduce the risk of re-victimization.* Prevent the cycle of abuse from carrying over into future generations. Child Safe therapists have specialized training to provide therapeutic intervention to sexual abuse victims and their families. They offer a variety of programs. The focus of CSATP (Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Program) is to replace feelings of helplessness, shame, guilt, and anger with feelings of empowerment, strength, safety and protection. AVAC (Adults Victimized as Children) provides Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, and gender-specific Group Therapy for adult men and women who were sexually molested as children/adolescents. Therapy groups focus on helping adults understand the impact of child sexual abuse and processing their thoughts, feelings and resulting behaviors. Survivors gain empowerment skills necessary to establish a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Child Safe believes in a comprehensive, community based approach to the problem of child sexual abuse. They coordinate services with Child Protection; Law Enforcement, Prosecution, Probation, Community Corrections; School Districts; Medical Professionals and other Mental Health Providers.


Address: 1148 E. Elizabeth St., Fort Collins, CO 80524
Phone Number: 970-472-4133
Fax: 970-493-6655
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 12


Major Fund-raisers: Art Thrives


Director(s): Val Macri-Lind


Founded: 1986
Community Served: Northern Colorado





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