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Upcoming Events:
CPIA Presents: Virtual Class 1 - Introduction to Optical Drawings - Tuesday May, 04 2021
CPIA Presents: Virtual Class 2 - Understanding Scratch and Dig - Wednesday May, 05 2021
CPIA Presents: Virtual Class 3 - Understanding Waviness and Roughness - Thursday May, 06 2021
Quarterly Meeting - School of Mines - Thursday May, 20 2021


Statement of Purpose: promote the vibrant photonics industry in Colorado, which uses photonics - the power of light - to help many different industries thrive in the state.


Address: P.O. Box 700, Boulder, CO 80306-0700
Phone Number: 303-834-1022
Fax: 303-834-1022
Email Address:
Web Site:





Founded: 1997


Ongoing Projects: education in optics and lasers