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Statement of Purpose: Lupus Colorado is the only nonprofit in Colorado focused soley on serving those with Lupus, their families and caregivers. We provide a statewide network of support, education, advocacy and commitment to research.


Address: 1211. S. Parker Rd. #103
Phone Number: 303-597-4050
Fax: 303-597-4054
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: One
Full Time Volunteers: Three
Part-Time Volunteers: Ten+


Major Fund-raisers: Concert, Motorcycle Run, New Event in 2013 to be announced


Executive Committee: Chair: Carol Wright, Secretary: Brian Bates, Treasurer: Sam Gregory, Directors: Scott Bills, Mike Kavanagh
Director(s): Peggy GibsonHoward HallMarty sheetsHugh SweeeneyKristine Wenzel
Key Personnel: Debbie Lynch, CEO Gayan Warren (contract) Office Manager Michelle Ancell(contract)Social Media Coordinator Rhonda Jackson (contract)Support and Event Coordinator


Founded: 1972
Community Served: State of Colorado
Associated Guilds: N/A


Ongoing Projects: Telephone Support Network, Fianancial Assistance




Previous Event Coverage:

May 04, 2009 Lupus Foundation of Colorado