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Statement of Purpose: The Colorado Thought Leaders Forum (CTLF) is a Colorado non-profit organization whose goal is to stay in the forefront of timely business issues, trends, and ideas; and then deliver them to the Denver business community through value-rich content. More importantly, CTLF will provide this content to the community in a way that can be immediately actionable. CTLF was formed by Greg Greenwood and Robert Neuman on the idea that Colorado business leaders need a place to connect around timely marketplace occurrences via world-class resources. Rather than delivering products and services, they wanted to invite Colorado-based business leaders to spearhead value creation to the business community at large. CTLF is comprised of complimentary companies that share the same desire to deliver value to the Colorado business community. Charter members include; comCables, Teammates Commercial Interiors, Inward-Charles Construction Services, Inc., CEAVCO Audio Visual, Telecommunications Consultants of Colorado and The BizSolux Group.


Address: 2607 West 8th Avenue, Denver, CO 80204
Phone Number: 303.952.1730
Fax: 303.296.1022
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 0
Full Time Volunteers: 0
Part-Time Volunteers: 10


Major Fund-raisers: Signature Event


Executive Committee: Matt Ward, President; Bob Neuman, Treasurer; Frank Milinazzo, Secretary
Director(s): Greg Greenwood, comCables; Bob Neuman, Teammates Commercial Interiors; Matt Ward, Inward-Charles Construction; Matt Emerson, CEAVCO Audio/Visual; Frank Milinazzo, The BizSolux Group; Brian Zabroski, comCables; Dominic Milinazzo, The BizSolux Group; Ken Tisdale, Telecommunications Consultants of Colorado


Founded: March 2009
Community Served: Colorado Business Community





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July 22, 2009 CTLF Presents "The Economy - What's Next" with Brian Beauliu
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