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Statement of Purpose: To provide financial and volunteer support to further the activities of The Haven and Baby Haven, whose charter is to provide a safe, empowering, and enriching environment for women and their infants and small children. The Haven's and Baby Haven's goal is to be a place where women can recover from addictions and co- occurring mental illness; deliver healthy, drug-free infants (if pregnant); improve parenting skills and receive quality early educational services for their children; maintain and build upon cultural and family connections as sources of social support; and become self-sufficient, confident, and productive members of our community. Friends of the Haven will provide The Haven, and Baby Haven, with resources for projects designed to further the abilities of women from across Colorado who are in treatment at The Haven, as they work to break the cycle of drug and alcohol dependence. Doing so will allow these women to go on to provide and maintain long-term, safe, stable, and drug-free environments for themselves and their children. Friends of the Haven will work cooperatively with the community to provide funding and volunteers for any and all activities supporting these outcomes. Such activities might range from support for operational needs that do not have other sources of support to providing support for psychological, developmental, educational, and/or vocational services, to offering scholarships to women in need. Upon occasion and when appropriate, Friends of the Haven will also consider funding for research that could lead to the enhancement of programmatic or behavioral outcomes. Finally, the Board of Friends of the Haven recognizes the importance of capital needs; they have and will seek to identify those needs, with a goal to plan for the long-term success of The Haven.


Address: P.O. Box 102375
Phone Number: (303)734-3354
Fax: (303)734-3341
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 1
Full Time Volunteers: 1
Part-Time Volunteers: 25+


Major Fund-raisers: Changing Seasons & Changing Lives Annual Benefit


Director(s): Bill Winn, PresidentBob BardwellDr. Ingrid BinswangerDonna GoodCecelia MascarenasMike GutherieJoan Manning
Key Personnel: Crissey McNally Development Coordinator


Founded: 2006





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