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Statement of Purpose: GLOBAL COMMERCE FORUM

The Global Commerce Forum is a 501(c) nonprofit organization run by business executives, government and nongovernmental officials, academicians and students from multiple disciplines, organizations and countries. The Forum is dedicated to helping Africa develop cheap and clean energy supply to meet the region’s energy needs and spur economic development and improve the standards of living for its citizens in addition to propelling the region to prominence in global commerce.

The Forum has three major objectives:

1. To foster coordination, cooperation and collaboration among different constituents and stakeholders to capture the synergy between the abundant undeveloped renewable energy sources and natural gas resources to provide cost effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable energy supply. Renewable energy sources such as biogas, hydropower and solar are especially well suited for providing energy that is essential for cooking, lighting, heating and communications in vast rural areas where there is largely no viable energy infrastructure in place today. In urban population centers, natural gas fired electric power generation in combination with larger scale applications of renewable energy technologies such as wind, hydropower, and solar could reliably supply industrial and urban energy requirements.

2. To evolve local markets for clean energy through drawing international investments to Africa and developing the human capital needed to increase energy supply through partnerships, training and evolving local labor and entrepreneurs.

3. To educate International investors about the opportunities that Africa presents in their business portfolios and remove the existing and long standing perception of projects in Africa being extremely risky for investment despite the high rates of return that these investments yield and the giant strides that Africa has made to put in place an attractive investment climate.


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