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Statement of Purpose: DSST Public Schools (DSST) operates open-enrollment STEM charter schools and is part of the Denver Public Schools (DPS) district. Our vision is to be a partner with the district in transforming Denver into the leading urban public school district in the nation and for DSST to teach 10,500 students each year beginning in 2025. We generate outstanding student achievement at all 13 of our current schools while serving more students in Denver by replicating our highly successful model and growing to 22 Denver schools on 11 campuses at full build-out in the year 2025. We structure our program for the success of our students so that they are prepared for STEM careers and beyond - opening a world of possibilities for their future. We endeavor to ensure our graduates have the skills for college, career and life through both our world-class academic program and our school communities that focus on self-discovery and character development. For 10 years in a row 100% of DSST seniors have earned acceptance to four year college, and DSST graduates have consistently had amongst the lowest remediation rates in the state. DSST Public Schools was founded as the Denver School of Science and Technology in 2004. DSST welcomed its first class of 9th graders at DSST: Stapleton High School in 2004 and has since become one of the most successful charter school networks in Colorado. Adding one grade per year, DSST: Stapleton graduated its first class of seniors in the spring of 2008 and opened its middle school that summer. Since the Stapleton campus, DSST has thoughtfully and deliberately expanded, campus by campus, school by school, and grade level by grade level. At each campus, the program and environment prepares students for the rigorous secondary school program and ultimately for the challenges of college. Students are selected to attend DSST through a random lottery; there are no admissions criteria. Additional information about DSST Public Schools is available at


Address: 3401 Quebec Street Suite 2000
Phone Number: 303.802.4140
Fax: 303.524.6308
Email Address:
Web Site:



Major Fund-raisers: Slice of Pi


Key Personnel: Bill Kurtz, CEO


Founded: 2004
Community Served: Greater Denver Area





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