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Statement of Purpose: SAORO's mission is to enrich the lives of orphaned children in Pariang Village, Unity State, South Sudan, by providing them with a safe and caring environment and providing education and guidance to them and to other disadvantaged children. We provide basic needs for orphaned children, both residents and day students. The children receive an education in English, science, geography mathematics, religion, and hygiene and they play various games and sports outdoors in SAORO's Gumriak compound.


Address: 6653 West Ida Pl, # 814, Littleton, CO 80123-2615
Phone Number: 1.303.909.0327
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 11
Full Time Volunteers: 0
Part-Time Volunteers: 7


Major Fund-raisers: 4


Executive Committee: James Manyror, Founder and President; Peter A Firmin, CFO; Jean N Firmin, Secretary and Treasurer
Director(s): James Manyror, President Jean N Firmin, Secretary & Treasurer Peter A Firmin, CFO Edward Leech Virginia Leech, Vice President Monica Ebaugh Dr. Luka Powanga Robyn McGuckin
Key Personnel: Michael Miyom Minyiel, Director Abraham Gueng, Headmaster


Founded: 2005
Community Served: Pariang Village, Aliap Village, Unity State, Republic of South Sudan


Ongoing Projects: Operate orphanage and primary school in Pariang Village, Unity State, South Sudan



Accomplishments: SAORO has overcome many overwhelming challenges to operate continuously for six years in a hostile environment. Its school has been ranked the best in the state. Its students at in the top 10% in national exams.