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Statement of Purpose: Southern Colorado Youth for Christ is a ministry that reaches out to teens in tough situations. Even though our first contact is in a variety of institutions here in Southern Colorado, we are committed to long term "Life Coaching" and "Mentoring" relationships that last long after the teen has left the facility. SOCO YFC is committed to empowering youth through life coaching and mentoring to "Live the Life they were Meant to Live" while working interdependently with other community and church partners.


Address: 2120 G. Academy Circle
Phone Number: 719-471-03333
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 2
Part-Time Volunteers: 45


Major Fund-raisers: Annual Golf for Youth Marathon


Executive Committee: Chairman - Bob Oldach, Co-Chair Bob Friess
Director(s): Craig Rosentrater, Executive Director
Key Personnel: Denise Oldach, Office and Ministry Coordinator


Founded: 1999
Community Served: At risk, Incarcerated, Detained, and Hospitalized youth


Ongoing Projects: 8 - week "Student Pilot" program with simulator experience and actual small aircraft flight.


Newsletter: SOCO YFC Newsletter