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Statement of Purpose: Tethered by Letters (TBL) is a Denver-based literary nonprofit and independent publisher. Dedicated to the power of storytelling, TBL believes that writing and art should be treasured and championed, no matter a person’s background, age, or education. They provide the tools to help aspiring creators master their craft, combining their extensive educational resources, lively international community, and in-house publisher. By fostering a love of literature, TBL strives to discover, nurture, and publish the next generation of great storytellers.


Address: 13999 County Road 102, Elbert, CO 80106
Phone Number: 303-345-1714
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 4
Part-Time Volunteers: 14


Major Fund-raisers: Tethered by Letters is 95% privately funded. We are also supported in part by CO Creates Industries.


Executive Committee: Dani Hedlund, Matt Rahill, Zach Willis
Director(s): Dani Hedlund, Matt Rahill, Zach Willis, Ian Leprino, Jon Schindehette
Key Personnel: Staff Leadership: Dani Hedlund, Zach Howard, Leah Scott Contributing Editors: Scott O'Connor, David Abrams, Isaac Marion, Josie Sigler


Founded: 2007
Community Served: Denver-based, International Reach
Associated Guilds: University of Denver, University of Northern Colorado, University of Kansas, Pop Culture Classroom, Denver Comic Con, The Afghan Women's Writing Program, Breath and Shadow, The Veterans Writing Project, The Other Stories, University of Wisconsin, Words Beyond Bars, The Denver Women's Correctional Facility, Colorado State University, Denver School District


Ongoing Projects: Publication of F(r)iction, the nationally-distributed literary and art collection, Free Editing Program, Youth Writing Program, Creative Writing Curriculum at the Denver Correctional Facility, Celebrity Mentor Program, Writing Resource Center, Student Internship Program, High School Lecture Series and other outreach programs based in Colorado.



Accomplishments: Helped over 5,000 authors in our educational programs, published over 500 authors in print and online, lectured to hundreds of high school students, mentored dozens of university graduates, published outreach work from under-served communities in the US and Afghanistan, and fostered a love of literature around the world