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Statement of Purpose: The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank (RMLEB) is the nonprofit organization responsible for carrying out the promise of eye donors in Colorado and Wyoming to help another overcome blindness. RMLEB is very proud to also increase eye, organ and tissue donor awareness, engaging in advocacy, and secure and provide resources for anyone to “Share the Circle of Light” through eye donation. The eye bank has carried out this wish of over 41,000 eye donors in Colorado and Wyoming by facilitating more than 40,000 sight-restorative transplants locally, domestically and throughout the world.


Address: 1675 Aurora Court, Mail Stop F751
Phone Number: 720-848-3936
Fax: 720-848-3938
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 57
Full Time Volunteers: 14
Part-Time Volunteers: 14


Major Fund-raisers: Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank Annual Circle of Light Photo Project Reception & Exhibition


Executive Committee: President: Edward L. Wright, Vice President: John L. Ballagh, Secretary: Gary Broetzman, Treasurer: Lewis Lyon
Director(s): Joanne Cook, Jeff Jeffers, Carole Kitchell, Ken Quast, Joe Rall.
Key Personnel: Executive Director: Edmund Jacobs Public & Professional Relations Director: Robert Austin Development Specialist: Brian Heider.


Founded: 1982
Community Served: Eye tissue transplantation
Associated Guilds: Eye Bank Association of America


Ongoing Projects: Cornea Recovery Annex, Eye Tissue Recovery and Transplantation (ETRT) Program, International Surgery Fund (ISF) Program, Eye, Organ and Tissue Donation Education (EOTDE) Program, Regional Donor Registry Support (RDRS) Program



Accomplishments: • Improve the lives of children and adults whose blindness is curable by transplantation and help strengthen those recipient families • Create and nurture new programs designed to assist and aid anyone with corneal blindness or who has had an eye tissue transplant • Engage and educate the community about the issue of blindness, eye tissue transplants and how to become an eye tissue donor • Present objective findings to affect policies as advocates for blind children, adults and eye, organ and tissue donors and their families • Apply transplantation research findings for replication in other communities with eye banks • Ensure that medical professionals and community leaders are trained to recognize and appropriately address blindness, eye tissue donations and cornea transplants • Support the families of eye donors during and after the eye donation process