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Statement of Purpose: The DECC strives to promote and support philanthropy by providing a cost-effective and employee-focused way for city employees to donate to nonprofits providing support in health and human services, education, social change, arts, environment conservation, and animal welfare.


Address: 2505 18th Street, Denver, CO 80211
Phone Number: 303-561-2272
Fax: 303-455-6462
Email Address:
Web Site:




Executive Committee: Cary Kennedy, Department of Finance, and Kelly Duffy, Public Works - Street Maintenance
Director(s): Nyle Boyd, Career Service Authority James Williamson, Facilities Management Annie Christensen, Department of Aviation Beth Machann, DECC Chair, Department of Finance Diane Lapierre, Denver Public Library Valarie Nealey, Denver Water Not Pictured: Juan Marsh, Parks and Recreation Shaun Sullivan, City Attorney Karen Brennan, Department of Wastewater
Key Personnel: Jon Mohr- DECC Coordinator Ashley D'Angelo- DECC Representative


Founded: 1988
Community Served: City and County of Denver employees including but not limited to: Denver Water, Denver Health, Denver Urban Housing Authority, Denver Credit Union, Denver Urban Renewal Authority and Denver Public Library.


Ongoing Projects: This year the DECC aims to raise $506,000 for the nonprofit community.



Accomplishments: Since the DECC's founding in 1988, Denver City and County employees have given more than $11 million to local nonprofit organizations.