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Adoption Exchange, The profile

Adoption Exchange, The


Statement of Purpose: Connect families looking to adopt with children who wait in foster care for a permanent home.


Address: 14232 E. Evans Avenue
Phone Number: 303-755-4756
Fax: 303-755-1339
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 45
Part-Time Volunteers: 432


Major Fund-raisers: Fantasy Ball, Golf Classic and A Day for Wednesday's Child


Director(s): Chairman - Ray NuttVice Chair - Brad McNealyTreasurer - Paul EganBoard Members: Larry Barnaby, Craig Barnes, John Coffman, Lisa Godin, Seth Grob, Wesley Hutchins, Jamie Jackson, Pam Kiker, Dave Metzger, Ed Rand, Elaine Torres, Larry Walker, David Zinger.General Counsel: Janet Perlstein and Thomas Grisley
Key Personnel: Kate Trujillo, Executive Director Dixie van de Flier Davis, Founder Jacki Propernick, VP of Development


Founded: 1983
Associated Guilds: Wednesday's Child Connection Guild





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