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Event Planning

SVGD - We are an all-volunteer, not-for-profit group of energetic singles who want to meet others through community service. Our objective is to fulfill the volunteer needs of non-profit organizations in the Denver area while having fun and meeting people. So... if you've tried the trendy and impersonal, and ready for something genuine and fun that helps others...try SVGD!

If you'd like to submit a request please copy and paste the form to WORD and email to:

Name of the Nonprofit Organization: __________________________________
Contact name and phone:_________________________ (   )       -_________
What is the date of the event? ___/___/______    Location? ________________
Where in the following regions is the event located in the metro Denver area?
[ ] North/Boulder/Longmont            [ ] Denver City/DTC              [ ] South/Littleton
[ ] East/Aurora                                    [ ] West/Golden                     [ ] By DIA
Number of volunteers requested (6-20 possible)? _______________
Is your event gender specific?      [ ] Open to all       [ ] Female only    [ ] Male Only
Will the volunteers be working close to each other? [ ] Yes   [ ] No
If no, is there a way to group the SVGD volunteers together? _______________
Is this a one time event?     [ ] Yes [ ] No (if no, how often is it held? _________)
Does your organization have liability insurance in place that would cover the volunteers?         [ ] Yes, carrier name: _________________________   [ ] No
Thank you for your interest in the SVGD volunteers! 
Please email this form to Kayla Okafor, Event Coordinator at