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Make a Difference in Mapleton!

Staff reductions, larger class sizes, fewer school buses on the road, and cuts to school programs are just a few of the steps Mapleton is taking to prepare for the double impact of the current state of the economy and the hardships brought on by the failure of the 2008 bond and mill levy override elections. But Mapleton students have created a fund raising campaign that will allow YOU to become directly invovled in the education of 6,000 talented children eager to learn. It's called the Mapleton Make a Difference campaign. For the students, it's not about what they want. It's about what they need.
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The District identified the following areas of immediate, short-term needs. Please select the area where you would like to Make a Difference in Mapleton
Supplies and Materials
Updated Math Textbooks - The math text books currently used in Mapleton are 10 years old. I would like to Make a Difference in Mapleton by helping the schools buy new math books. Used copies of the book Mapleton would like to buy are $68 each.
Science Lab Kits - I would like to Make a Difference in Mapleton by helping the District purchase new science lab kits. I believe students learn science best by doing science and I believe in Mapleton students!
Graphing Calculators - I would like to help a Mapleton student realize his or her dream by providing access to a TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator. Knowing how to use a graphing calculator is an essential part of achieving competitive SAT and ACT scores. I want to provide Mapleton students with a bright future!
Immediate Safety Needs I realize that security cameras at schools and on buses and fire alarm repairs are a few of Mapleton's immediate safety needs. I would like to Make a Difference in Mapleton by helping the District continue to provide a safe and secure learning environment for the students of my community!
Maintain Essential Student Programs I understand that athletics and fine arts programs and field trips have essential roles in the development of well-rounded students. I would like to make a contribution to support these programs.
Donate today and help Make a Difference in Mapleton!
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