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Music Appreciation Society for Dazzle

Contributors will have advance notification of all big name local and national shows. There will be a 48-hour ticket pre-sale offered to all contributors before the tickets are available to the general public. It is during this 48-hour period that you may request premium reserved seating. Valued contributors will be offered premier seating without waiting in line, and a highly visible placed will be placed on the reserved table. *These tickets are non-transferalbe & non-refundable. *Limit to 2 tickets per seating per show except for $7,5000 and $10,000 level. *We invite you to make a contribution to our new space to ensure that we provide high quality sound and lighting for your enjoyment.
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($1,000.00) - 10 Tickets to Performances, Premium Reserved Seating and Commemorative Dazzle T- Shirt
($2,500.00) - 25 Tickets to Performances, Premium Seating, Complimentary bottle service on two occasions & Commemorative Dazzle T-shirt
($5,000.00) - All of the above, PLUS access to Secret Menu by Star Chef
($7,500.00) - All of the above PLUS Customized dinner for party of eight by our Star Chef and Picture of the dinner displayed on contributors' wall and on website
($10,000.00) - 50 Tickets to Performances, Premium Seating, Commemorative Dazzle T-shirt, Song commissioned in your honor, Music printed and framed as a gift for personal display in your home, Song will be performed at the Donor appreciation dinner, Customized dinner for party of eight by our Star Chef, Photo included on contributors' wall and website, Complimentary bottle service on two occasions
($27,000.00) - Naming Rights to the Gallery Room Stage for 27 months ending July 31, 2019
($40,000.00) - Naming Rights to the Main Stage for 27 months ending July 31, 2019
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