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Denver Press Club Membership

Join the Denver Press Club - the nation's oldest, founded in 1867
Membership is open to people from all professions, students, retirees and companies
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Annual Individual Memberships ($260.00) - For Individuals Wishing to pay once.
Media/Literary Membership ($130.00) - For active members of the media, journalists and full-time freelance writers, book authors, publishers
Retired Membership ($130.00) - For those who have fully retired and are not working in another field
Student Membership ($60.00) - For college and high school students, especially those with an interest in journalism
Nonresident Membership ($60.00) - For those who live out of state, or outside of the Denver metropolitan area
Corporate Membership ($260.00) - $260 for one, plus $200 for each additional member
Patron Memberships ($200.00) - Add $200 to your membership dues, and we will give you $300 in gift certificates in return. These gift certificates, good for beverage, food or Club rental fees, will expire Dec. 31, 2017, and are transferable. We'll mail you the certificates or have them available for you at the club for pickup by year-end.
Premium Memberships ($1,000.00) - Includes a one-year membership; two tickets to the 2017 Damon Runyon Awards Banquet, including two VIP passes to the pre-event meet and greet with David Simon ($300 value); two tickets to the 2017 Hall of Fame banquet ($150 value); a $450 credit on a room rental fee for an event at the club (cannot be applied to food and beverage); four $25 gift certificates; and a gift membership that you can award to anyone who qualifies for the media/literary rate.
Charge Amount:
$260.00 Annual Individual Memberships
$130.00 Media/Literary Membership
$130.00 Retired Membership
$60.00 Student Membership
$60.00 Nonresident Membership
$260.00 Corporate Membership
$200.00 Patron Memberships
$1,000.00 Premium Memberships
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Memberships are non-refundable. The membership year is March 1, 2017, through February 28, 2018. New members joining part way through our fiscal year will have their following year's dues pro rated at the next renewal period, based on the months remaining to extend until Feb. 28, 2018.