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September 16, 2004 - A New Neighbor Extends a Welcome to Denver Public Schools

What: Crate & Barrel Grand Opening: Music, Cocktails and Lots of Shopping

Where: 101 Clayton Lane, Cherry Creek

When: September 14, 2004

Ticket Prices: $25

Beneficiary: Denver Public Schools Foundation

Gala Chairperson(s): Journalist Helen Thorpe

Committee Members: Wendy Aiello, Bruce Alexander, Eric Anderson, Bob Aspinwall, Donald Bain, Hank Baker, Susan Barnes-Gelt, John and Suzanne Baron, Laura Barton, Jim Basey, Bruce and Marcy Benson, Carrie Besnette, Joe Blake, Howard & Councilwoman Carol Boigon, Dean Bonham, Dawn Bookhardt, John Britz, Councilman Charlie Brown, Brad Buchanan, Chris Chavez, Michael Cheroutes, Linda Childears, Linda Clark, Leanna Clark, Steven Coffin, Robert Cohen, Steven Demby, Richard DeWire, Deb Dowling, Eric Duran, Mike Durkin, Lindy Eichenbaum Lent, Cynthia Evans, Steve Farber, John Faught, Cole Finegan, Bob Flynn, Stephanie Foote, Jean Galloway, Elaine Gantz-Berman, Councilman Rick Garcia, Tom Gart, Ken Gart, Howard Gelt, Noel Ginsburg, Kent and Terri Glassman, Phil Gonring, Senator Ken Gordon, Kerri and David Greenberg, Tim and Jackie Griggs, Mark Grueskin & Lola Farber Grueskin, Maria Guajardo Lucero, Councilman Michael Hancock, Josh Hanfling, Nancy Haven, Happy Haynes, Christine Herbert, Paula Herzmark, Robert and Laura Hill, Fabby Hillyard, Don Hoagland, Bruce Hoyt, Joe Hubbard, Denice and Andrew Hudson, John Huggins, Walter & Christina Isenberg, Caitlin Jenney, Councilwoman Marcia Johnson, Doug Jones, Steve Kaplan, Steve Katich & Ellen Jaskol, Ben Kelly, Mariner Kemper, Karen Kennedy, Gail Klapper, Kim and Gail Koehn, Greg Kolomitz, Mary Krane, Councilwoman Peggy Lehmann, Nancy Levine, Councilman Doug Linkhart, Charles Malek, Beverly Martinez, Kevin McNicholas, Mark McIntosh, Sherman Miller, James Monaghan & Lisa Gilford, John & Carrie Morgridge, Bill Mosher, Chris Myers, David Neslin, Zach Neumeyer, Fred Niehaus, Ric Padilla, John Parr & Sandy Widener, C. Alan Peppers, Tom Philand, Jeff Plush, Jim Polsfut, Christine Power Bain, Dean Prina, Caroline Rassenfoss, John and Amy Rassman, Dan Recht, Ken Reed, Rick Reiter, Kristin and Blair Richardson, Mary Ricketson, Marv and Renee Rockford, Councilwoman Jeanne Robb, Mike Roque, Lola Salazar, Steve Sander, Richard Scharf, David Scott, Vincent Shepherd, Glen Sibley, Ken Smith, Mark Smith, Morgan and Julie Smith, Eric Sondermann, Gully Stanford, Jill Stark, Mark Stevens, Allyson Strauss, Thomas Strickland, Clark Strickland, Joe Talty, Landri Taylor, Ed Thomas, George Thorn, Ed Timmins, Jean Townsend, Craig Umbaugh, Amy Venturi, Jon and Lindsay Vinnick, Leslie and Bill Vollbracht, Gayle Walker, John Walsh & Lisa Christian, Anne Warhover, Jerry Wartgow, Brian Weber, Councilwoman Elbra Wedgeworth, Florence Welch, Steve and Kathy Welchert, Ron Williams, Robin Wise, Jane Withers, Scott Wylie andMatt Yonan

Staff: Steve Katich, President; Karen Kennedy, Executive Vice President; and Geoff Brown, Executive Assistant

Catering: Occasions by Sandy

Entertainment: Moments Notice

Sponsors: Crate & Barrel

Event Coordinator: Karen Kennedy

Board of Directors: Bruce Benson, Elaine Gantz Berman, Joseph B. Blake, Linda Childears, Cole Finegan, Noel Ginsburg, Allegra “Happy” Haynes, Steve Katich, President, Mariner Kemper, Kevin McNicholas, Leslie Mitchell, Carrie Morgridge, C. Alan Peppers, Kristin Richardson, Lola Salazar, Paul Sandoval, Vincent Shepherd, Mark Smith, Jill Stark, Tom Strickland, Edward P. Timmins, Jerry Wartgow and Ronald Williams

Blacktie Photos by: Marcelo Mainzer

 Crate & Barrel Founder Gordon Segal with DPS Foundation Board Chairman Bruce Benson
Crate & Barrel Founder Gordon Segal with DPS Foundation Board Chairman Bruce Benson

To the pantheon of great duo's, Anthony and Cleopatra, Martin and Lewis, Abbott and Costello, Tracy and Hepburn add Crate and Barrel.

When Crate & Barrel has a Grand Opening it’s an occasion, if it’s in the fashionable Cherry Creek district it’s an event, and if it benefits the Denver Public Schools Foundation, it’s a not to be missed gala bash.

Over 1,300 people flowed through the sparkling new Crate & Barrel store at the corner of 1st and Clayton, in the Cherry Creek North neighborhood. The variety of merchandise was dazzling; most with a clean contemporary look, designed exclusively for Crate & Barrel. Founded in 1962 by husband and wife team, Gordon and Carole Segal, and one sales associate, the Crate & Barrel family has grown to over 115 stores and over 6,000 associates nationwide.

Crate & Barrel’s philosophy is about people, always first and foremost. An involved associate taking the time to educate a customer about the nuances of a hand blown goblet. A dedicated buyer working with a master weaver to rebuild not only a village's looms, but also ultimately an entire community. The personal pleasure of lifelong friendships with many of their vendors and families. Many of the associates have been with the company fifteen, twenty-five, and even thirty-five years. It's the day-to-day relationships that energize the mission.

That dedication to people and the community was well-represented Tuesday night, when Crate & Barrel lent the occasion of their grand opening as a benefit to the Denver Public Schools Foundation.

The Denver Public Schools Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a fundamental mission to support the mission, goals and objectives of Denver Public Schools. The foundation seeks to provide all DPS students the opportunity to achieve the knowledge and skills necessary to become contributing citizens in our diverse society. This is accomplished by garnering the generous resources throughout our community to support specific schools, targeted programs and initiatives that are not funded with public dollars.

A school district is the core of any community; they are charged with the protection and enhancement of that community’s most valuable resource its young people. The success of the grand opening, specifically, and the general success of the Denver Public Schools Foundation is due to the foundation’s ability to engage corporate and private institutions like Benson Mineral Group, Salazar Family Foundation, Young Americans Bank, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, Tamales by La Casita, First Data Corporation, Intertech Plastics, EastWest Partners Denver, Hogan & Hartson, LLP, Timmins & Associates, LLC, KM Concessions, Gary-Williams Energy, First Bank of Cherry Creek and Morgridge Family Fund just to name a few.

On hand to support the DPS Foundation were executives from Crate & Barrel, Founder and CEO Gordon Segal, President Barbara Turf, Vice President of Corporate Design Raymond Arenson, Head Architect Jacques Verlinden, Senior Vice President of Store Operations Barbara Reimann, Regional Manager of Midwest Stores Laurie Foody, and Community/Public Relations Betty Kahn; DPS Foundation board attending were Bruce Benson, Jill Stark, Elaine Gantz Berman, Steve Katich, Ed Timmins, Linda Childears and Cole Finnegan.

A handful of notables from the community at the event were Susan Kiely, Terri and Kent Glassman, Mike and Patti Ross, Ed and Connie Thomas, Judy and Dr. Harvey Martz of St. Andrews United Methodist Church, Dr. Martha Urioste, Bruce Hoyt, Board of Education DPS, City Councilwoman Jeanne Robb, Doug Jones and Mark and Courtney Messenbaugh.

With the support of the Denver Public Schools Foundation and the people it represents Denver Public schools are in good hands.

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