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November 13, 2004 - SafeHouse Swings on a Star at Sterling Ball

Where: Hyatt Regency Denver

When: November 13, 2004

Beneficiary: SafeHouse Denver

Mistress of Ceremonies: Angie Austin of WB2

Honoree(s): Carolyn Hamil-Henderson award recipients Margaret Abrams and Susan Noble

Presenting Sponsor(s): The Anschutz Foundation

Executive Director: Ellen Stein Wallace

Committee Members: Patty Fontneau, Karen Fox, Susan Noble, Kristi Palmer, Mary Phillips, Katie Rubano, Sarabeth Shimanski

Staff: Pat Andreine, Valerie Butler, Judy Carrier, Amanda Dennis, Carrie Duncan, Katie Garcia, Bertha Garza, Kristina Matkins, Jeanine Mayer, Chessie Morgan, Pauletta Mosley, Kiran Obee, Diane Postell, Ruby Reyna, Brenda Roush, Kara Tustin, Mary Jo Vasquez

Entertainment: Dancing lessons by Manny's Dance Mania

Music: Phat Daddy

Sponsors: Gold: Rita Bass; Silver: Katie and Alan Fox, Guaranty Bank & Trust Company, Susan and Howard Noble, Radiology Imaging Associates, Kim and Robert Roberts; Bronze: Forest City Stapleton

Auctioneer: Norm Early

Attendance: 350

Attire: Cocktail

Florist: Botanica


Board of Directors: Co-Chairs: Steve Emmons and Patty Fontneau; Miko Ando, Chair Elect Walt Couglin, Richie Fontenot, Karen Fox, Treasurer Pete Kane, Susan Long, Susan Noble, Kristi Palmer, Mary Phillips, Betsy Rodriguez, Linda Weiler, Tammy Westerberg, Debbie Zuege, Junior League Liaisons: Johanna Ladis and Monica Neidermeyer

Blacktie Photos by: Elizabeth Byrnes-Crony

 Honoree Susan Noble, center, with Linda O'Rourke, left, and  Roselyn Saunders.  Margaret Abrams was also honored with the Carolyn Hamil-Henderson award.
Honoree Susan Noble, center, with Linda O'Rourke, left, and Roselyn Saunders. Margaret Abrams was also honored with the Carolyn Hamil-Henderson award.

Elizabeth Byrnes-Crony

“My husband was going to kill me and if that happened, who would take care of my kids?” For this battered wife, this is what it took her to finally realize that she needed to get out of the situation – the worry of her children, not herself.

At the annual SafeHouse Denver gala, raising funds is just as important as raising the awareness of domestic violence. “The Sterling Ball Swing on a Star,” a benefit for SafeHouse Denver was held on November 13th at the Hyatt Regency Denver, honoring Margaret Abrams and Susan Noble with the Carolyn Hamil-Henderson award. The ball raised approximately $100,000.

“Domestic violence is a problem that affects our whole community,” said Ellen Stein Wallace, Executive Director for SafeHouse Denver. “We need advocates and activists working in the community to help prevent abuse in our neighborhoods and to send the message that domestic violence is not acceptable. Margaret Abrams and Susan Noble are champions and advocates for this cause and we are delighted to celebrate their contributions at our gala this year.”

SafeHouse Denver was established and founded in 1977, at a time when there was little public talk about the issue of domestic violence and services for victims were almost non-existent. There were no shelters to provide a safe haven for those fleeing abusive situations. Their mission is to help women, children and youth reclaim their right to a life free of domestic violence. They provide counseling, advocacy, education and support to more than 2,000 women and children each year, in addition to responding to over 15,000 crisis and information calls. Services are provided in a shelter setting and through the outreach center as well as through groups at various community locations.

“Because of the dedication of women like Margaret and Susan, SafeHouse has become an intricate part of making a difference and breaking the cycle of violence,” said Ellen. In a moving video, statistics were given about women, depicted by Dominos. Every 15 seconds, another woman falls and sometimes they get help and some never get up. The voice over stressed that this abuse doesn’t just stay in the home. Children witness the abuse and grow up to continue the same patterns with their children.

"At SafeHouse, we do this because no one deserves to be abused, so that victims of abuse know they are not alone and that help is available. The bottom line is - we do this because it saves lives," Ellen Stein Wallace concluded.

Angie Austin with WB2, the emcee for the dinner, presented two Carolyn Hamil-Henderson Awards to Margaret Abrams and Susan Noble .

This award is presented annually in recognition of an individual or group that has demonstrated a long standing commitment to ending domestic violence and shares Carolyn’s belief in the need to assist women living in abusive relationships to achieve lives free of domestic violence.

“Fortunately or unfortunately, I remember 27 years ago when I got involved, that raising money for this cause was through bake and garage sales,” Honoree Margaret Abrams shared with the guests. “The awareness of domestic abuse has come a long way and I am proud to say that with the guidance of SafeHouse, it is now on the cutting edge.”

For Honoree Susan Noble, she knew Carolyn Hamil-Henderson when Carolyn was a regular at Susan’s coffee house. “Carolyn was an incredible women and encouraged me as a business person and “upped the ante” on becoming involved with philanthropy,” said Susan. The past two-time chair of the board views her involvement with SafeHouse as a journey. “My purpose is to make a difference and I look forward to seeing you all at the end of the road.”

As the auction closed and the dessert dishes were cleared away, the house lights dimmed and the dancing lessons by Manny’s Dance Mania started. Phat Daddy soon had fingers snapping and toes tapping with guests packing the dance floor.

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