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November 21, 2004 - Cancer League Slam Dunks with Nuggets

What: Second Annual All-Star Breakfast

Where: Ridgeline Restaurant/Pepsi Center

When: November 21, 2004

Beneficiary: Cancer League of Colorado

Host(s): Andy Markusfeld and Edie Marks

Attendance: 100 adults and children

Attire: Casual with a few jerseys

 Dave Weisberg, left, President of the Cancer League of Colorado, left, with Breakfast Co-Chairs Andy Markusfeld and Edie Marks
Dave Weisberg, left, President of the Cancer League of Colorado, left, with Breakfast Co-Chairs Andy Markusfeld and Edie Marks

Cancer League of Colorado teamed up with the Denver Nuggets to host the Second Annual All-Star Breakfast fund-raising event held Sunday, November 21, 2004.

The event drew over 100 adults and children to the Pepsi Center to watch the Nuggets’ exclusive shoot around practice. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed breakfast and listening to Kiki Van De Weghe speak about goal setting and being part of a team. Participants enjoyed the Nuggets vs. Mavericks game later that evening.

Event sponsors included realtor, Edie Marks and Andy Markusfeld of John Hancock Financial Network.

“We are pleased to be working with the Nuggets and greatly appreciate their generosity. This event is evidence of the Nuggets commitment to the community and the cause of funding cancer research. This was an exciting, fun filled and motivating event,” Edie Marks, Chair, Corporate Board Cancer League of Colorado.

Andy Markusfeld sponsored 20 children from WatchCare Academy, a Denver school focusing on providing quality education to inner city youth. Each of the children attended the shoot around, were inspired by Kiki’s speech and enjoyed the evening game.

“WatchCare Academy is an example of education excellence achieved on a shoestring budget,” said Markusfeld. “It was rewarding to provide an opportunity for these children to experience such a wonderful event and to be motivated by Kiki. Many of them may never have another opportunity like this.”

Overall, the event raised nearly $10,000 for the Cancer League of Colorado. A huge success since 100 percent of the proceeds go directly toward cancer research in Colorado.

Cancer League of Colorado was founded by five women in 1969 and now boasts over 400 members. The organization is 100 percent volunteer with NO paid staff and NO offices.

All proceeds from fundraising events remain within Colorado and go directly towards research to fight cancer and to non-profits serving those who are battling cancer. For every dollar Cancer League of Colorado gives to doctors in cancer research, these doctors will get, on average, another $20 of additional funding from national sources.

Cancer League of Colorado was critical (through funding and volunteering) in founding the Cancer Center at the University of Colorado Health Science Center, the only comprehensive cancer center in the Rocky Mountain region. They were also instrumental in starting and funding the Colorado Ronald McDonald House. Additional institutions that receive funding from Cancer League of Colorado include: The Children’s Hospital; The Eleanor Roosevelt Institute for Cancer Research; AMC Cancer Research Center; Porter Care Hospital; National Jewish Hospital; and Veterans Hospital.

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