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January 27, 2005 - VOA Guild Toasts a Decade at Red Wine and Seafood Event

What: Annual unique event, pairing red wine with seafood dishes

Where: Grand Ballroom at the Oxford Hotel

When: January 27, 2005

Beneficiary: Volunteers of America Colorado Branch

Host(s): Hermina Vigil, President of Volunteers of America Guild and the entire guild

Gala Chairperson(s): Diana Murdy and Irene Zarlengo

Co-Chair(s): Jeanna Gaydeski, General Manager and Stephen Vice, Executive Chef of McCormick's Fish House & Bar

Executive Director: Dianna Kunz, President and CEO

Libations: Southern Wine & Spirits

Catering: McCormick's Fish House & Bar

Entertainment: Live jazz

Attendance: 200

Attire: Business

Information: 303.297.0408

Blacktie Photos by: Elizabeth Byrnes Crony

 A family portrait:  Stan, Holiday and Olivia Goodreau and Barb Grogan.  Olivia was the youngest member at the event.
A family portrait: Stan, Holiday and Olivia Goodreau and Barb Grogan. Olivia was the youngest member at the event. "We are training her early," said grandmother Grogan, VOA board member. "On philanthropy, that is!"

Elizabeth Byrnes Crony

Seafood of all sorts paired with red wines, would normally raise an eyebrow or two. For hundreds of regular supporters of the Volunteers of America, the Red Wine and Seafood? Of Course! event is one of their most anticipated events.

Hosted by the VOA Guild, the annual event, held this year on January 27th, raised approximately $8,000 for the Brandon Center, a shelter for battered and/or homeless women and their children. For a decade, attendees have gathered together to taste unique seafood recipes, created by McCormick's Fish House & Bar chefs, and sample perfectly paired red wines, donated by Southern Wine and Spirits.

Hermina Vigil, the President of the VOA Guild was in attendance, enjoying the evening with friends. Event Chairs Diana Murdy and Irene Zarlengo were not able to share in the festivities, as one was out of the country and the other laid-up with a broken femur. The Co-Chairs McCormick’s Fish House and Bar General Manager Jeanna Gaydeski and Executive Chef Stephen Vice greeted the guests and offered tidbits about the wonderful combinations.

Andrew Hudson and his band Mistura Fina (‘a fine mixture’ in Portuguese) have been playing at the Red Wine and Seafood event for the past three years and rounded out the evening with wonderful jazz sounds.

Though wine was served, that didn’t stop baby Olivia Goodreau from attending. Her grandmother, VOA Board Member Barb Grogan joked, “We are training her early - on philanthropy, that is!" There were guests of all ages, which included both newcomers and long-time supporters, mingling and already anticipating the 2006 event.

The menu included Bar Harbor Maine lobster and caviar latte, wonton sesame crusted Tombo (Albacore tuna), Gloucester Monkfish wrapped in prosciutto, King (Chinook) salmon medallion in a shiitake shell, Gulf prawn stuffed potato with goat sour cream, Honolulu, Hawaii Yellowfin tuna brochette with lentils, Block Island Swordfish casino, Chefs creek oysters Rockefeller and a mouth-watering array of desserts.

The Colorado Branch of Volunteers of America was founded in 1896 and is Colorado’s largest direct human service organization. Over 7,000 volunteers work with a dedicated staff in delivering over thirty services that annually benefit 90,000 people in need of shelter, counseling, nourishment, companionship and new direction. Eighty-nine percent of donations go directly to benefit people severed by the Volunteers of America.

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