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February 28, 2005 - Child Safe Benefit Dance

What: Dance, drum circle and honoring ceremony

Where: Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Fort Collins Lodge 804 Fort Collins

When: February 28, 2005

Time: 7:30 p.m.

Beneficiary: ChildSafe, Fort Collins

Host(s): Hummingbird Horizons/Moon Circle

Mistress of Ceremonies: Suzanne Rougé

Honoree(s): Kandy Moore and Val Macrilind

EMCEE: Michael Randalman

Presenting Sponsor(s): Paul's Pocket

Honorary Chairperson(s): Kandy Moore

Founders: Kandy Moore and Val Macrilind

Executive Director: Kandy Moore

Staff: Brook Bretthauer, Marian Febure, Val Macrilind and Kandy Moore

Welcome: Suzanne Rougé

Libations: Elks Lodge 804 Fort Collins

Entertainment: Holy Moses and The High Rollers

Music: Michael Randalman, A DJ for Hire

Sponsors: Paul's Pocket Hummingbird, Crooked Hands .com and the Rocky Mountin Bullhorn

Menu: Deli goodies and pizza

Attendance: 250

Attire: Dance till you drop wear

Special Thanks: Kenny and Suzanne Levine

Donors: Mary Axelrod, Cheryl Beckett, Linda Hoffman, Linda Hoffman, Sabre Page, Mindy DeMarmion, Laurel Tinney, Melba Faulke, Tara L. Parr, Katie Baughman, Len and Nan Cooper, Jane from Destinations by Design, Brian Robinson, Marsha Mussehl, Jennifer Foster, Minor Kelley, Judian Wyatt, Colleen Crosson and Mark Sloniker, Stan from Auto Zone, Jessica Freestone, Sheryl Daniels/ Janelle, Loui terMeer, Bob Dillon with First Class Limo and Lisa Carlet with Optimal Life

Event Coordinator: Suzanne Rougé

Board of Directors: Sallie Coonts, President; Susan Mead, Vice President; Mary Siebe, Secretary; Barbara Brown, Treasurer; Jennifer Graham, Debbie DeLuca, Teresa Ablao, Linda Harr, Andrea Stewart, and Kurt Goetsch. Thank you for being there for the photos. If you need other info you can either e-mail or call me. Kandy Moore, Executive Director

Blacktie Photos by: Marcelo Mainzer

 ChildSafe staff cares
ChildSafe staff cares

Marcelo Mainzer

ChildSafe had a benefit dance at the Elks Lodge on Saturday the 26th , it was a dance in many ways. There was rock, funk and R&B and a ritual drumming ceremony. Most of all it was a joyous dance of life and the human spirit.

Fort Collins reflexologist Suzanne Rougé, a healer who leads Moon Circle teachings and guided meditations to help people connect with their inner guidance, was given an opportunity to pay tribute to her mentor and teacher Paul Levine. Suzanne chose music and dance as her expression of tribute and ChildSafe as the beneficiary of her love and respect.

The ChildSafe mission is to repair the damage done to victims and their families through a combination of Individual, Family and Group Therapy. To reduce the risk of re-victimization and prevent the cycle of abuse from carrying over into future generations. ChildSafe therapists have specialized training to provide therapeutic intervention to sexual abuse victims and their families. ChildSafe provides services to children and adult children of sexual abuse.

The dance was held at the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Fort Collins Lodge 804. To Elks, “laughter is better than tears and a kind word more powerful than a frown. The dream of a better world becomes reality when shaped by enough willing hearts and hands.”

Many hands showed up to help Suzanne with the dance including Mindy De Marmion, Cindy Roberts, Minor Kelley, Judian Wyatt and Suzanne’s husband Markham Rougé. By the time the guests arrived a table of deli goodies was laid out with chips and salsa, bean and guacamole, as well as dipping greens and dip, later that would be supplemented with pizza. Bartender and Realtor Mark Naber with sidekick Elk member Rick Borne were there to man the bar.

As guests began arriving they were greeted to music provided by a DJ for Hire, Michael Randalman and the dance floor was occupied all night long, the music ran the gamut from blues, to jazz, old rock, funk and a little bit of country. The dancing also came in many varieties but all of it expressed, energy and life.

Around nine o’clock Suzanne quieted the music and spoke to the attendees about what they were supporting she thanked the people who helped with the event and ask ChildSafe staff Brook Bretthauer, Marian Febure, Val Macrilind and Kandy Moore to come forward and receive applause for their work.

In honor of her late friend and teacher Paul Levine, Suzanne invited all those who felt grief over the loss of a loved one or a separation of any kind to come forward to form a circle.

Sage was past from hand to hand and each in there own way offered up a prayer of release and healing. Matt Robinson, Suzanne’s son passed an eagle’s wing over each participant in the ritual. Moving from quiet to loud, drums and rattles were brought out and everyone was encouraged to join in a joyful din of drumming clapping, stomping and dance.

By the time Holy Moses and the High Rollers took to their instruments, people were ready to dance, blues, jazz, funk, hard rock, and a bit of reggae the floor was never empty the dancing was from the heart and the spirit of love filled the hall.

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