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March 01, 2005 - Ray of HOPE Dinner at Zengo's

When: March 1, 2005

Beneficiary: HOPE Center

EMCEE: Tamara Banks of WB2 and Denver's 7 Mike Nelson

Executive Director: George E. Brantley

Speaker: First Lady Frances Owens, Mayor John Hickenlooper

Sponsors: Corporate Sponsors: Wells Fargo, Qwest & Sponsors: Hall & Evans

Auctioneer: Gary Corbett - Auctioneer

Attire: Business


Board of Directors: Charles T. Smith, Chairperson; Sid Davidson, Vice Chairperson; Dave Jones, Treasurer; Max Skidmore, Secretary; Members: Dr. Barbara Batey; Peggy Cain Price; Dr. John Fischer; Ron King; Paul Swift

Blacktie Photos by: Marcy Albin

 Dr. John Fischer, extolling the rewards of the organization, and the wonderful achievements of his son, Gerard
Dr. John Fischer, extolling the rewards of the organization, and the wonderful achievements of his son, Gerard

Hope Center is a community-based agency dedicated to meeting the needs of gifted children, individuals with developmental disabilities and developmental delays, and persons in need of specialized vocational or educational services. These services are provided in order to develop, maintain, and enhance the functioning of each enrollee. The philosophy of service is to admit individuals to programs within our agency which meet their needs and requirements as specifically as possible.

Length of service within a given program is dependent upon assessed individual needs, program goals and objectives. Enrollees will be served in a normal environment with services assessed periodically to evaluate the program.

All enrollees of Hope Center will be treated with dignity and respect and will be accorded the civil and human rights to which they are entitled.

At HOPE Center we believe that childhood represents the most precious time of life, when every human shapes most of his other fundamental traits that immeasurably affect the remainder of their life. Consequently, the Early Childhood Education Center professional staff is committed to providing the highest, most personalized level of education and training possible to children with special needs from 2-1/2 to age 8.

Unfortunately, this most formative time of life can be particularly challenging to children of the inner city. Frequently, social and economic conditions combine with special needs to negatively inflict tender lives. We work hard to counter such childhood impediments, endeavoring to provide each child with the skills and education needed for a long, fulfilling life. Our conviction is that each child must be treated and nurtured as an individual with individual needs. Therefore, our mission is to match every child to programs and services specific to his or her needs and requirements.

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