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March 08, 2005 - DPS Foundation Benefits from Grand Opening of Wolfgang Puck Express

What: Grand Opening of Wolfgang Puck Express

Where: Wolfgang Puck Express - Cherry Creek North

When: March 8, 2005

Time: 6:00- 9:00 P.M.

Ticket Prices: $40

Beneficiary: Denver Public Schools Foundation

Staff: Steve Katich, Foundation President; Karen Kennedy, Executive Vice President; Kirstin Gerety, Director of Marketing and Communications; Catherine Barnes, Development Associate

Menu: Gourmet pizzas, butternut squash soup, over-stuffed sandwiches, pasta, decadent cookies and brownies

Attendance: 250+

Attire: Business Casual


Board of Directors: Bruce Benson, Board Chair; Elaine Gantz Berman, Board Vice Chair; C. Alan Peppers, Board Secretary/Treasurer; Joe Blake; Linda Childears; Cole Finegan; Cathey Finlon; Noel Ginsburg; Allegra "Happy" Haynes; Steve Katich; Mariner Kemper; Kevin McNicholas; Leslie Mitchell; Carrie Morgridge; Kristin Richardson; Lola Salazar; Mark Smith; Jill Stark; Thomas Strickland; Edward Timmins; Jerry Wartgow; Ronald Williams

Blacktie Photos by: Janet Woods

 Dennis Delongchamp with wife Angela and daughter Julia
Dennis Delongchamp with wife Angela and daughter Julia

Janet Woods The new kid on the block invited everyone over for pizza, sandwiches, cookies and brownies. But this wasn’t the typical neighborhood block, it was Cherry Creek North, and the new kid was the world famous Wolfgang Puck. On Tuesday, March 8, over 500 neighbors came to welcome the newest addition to the posh area with a grand opening party for Wolfgang Puck Express that benefited the Denver Public Schools Foundation. The restaurant, formerly located downtown at the Denver Pavilions, moved to the Cherry Creek North area and brought a new concept to the new spot. Wolfgang Puck Express emphasizes fast, casual dining. It features the acclaimed cuisine of world-renowned "Chef to the Stars" Wolfgang Puck and the vibe is very similar to the formal dining restaurants, but guests order their food at the counter, find a seat, and then have their food delivered to them. The comfy and contemporary restaurant still has Puck's signature open kitchen, eye-catching design, and friendly, efficient service. The anticipated opening almost had a damper put on it when the offices of the Denver Public Schools Foundation went under water. Two days before the event a water main broke and the offices were evacuated, leaving the staff to handle last-minute details from remote locations. A 6-inch underground steel water main on the building's north side had severed in a few locations, probably because of shifting earth, officials said. The break in a high-pressure fire water main caused a "mini-tsunami" and left the building's subbasement filled with 4 feet of mud in spots. The DPS Foundation and the First Meridian Services group, the holding company for Wolfgang Puck Express, pulled off the event flawlessly. Although all were hopeful that the DPS headquarters would be back in working condition soon, everyone at the event was focused on the Foundation and the food, and in the end lived up to Wolfgang’s motto of Live, Love and Eat. The Foundation, created in the mid-80’s, is a bi-partisan coalition of business, civic, and educational leaders committed to expanding the opportunities available to all Denver Public Schools students. Working closely with the Denver Public Schools, the Mayor’s office, the business community, and other non-profit organizations the Foundation works to fund first-class educational opportunities for over 72,000 Denver Public Schools students. The Denver Public Schools Foundation operates on the belief that everyone shares the responsibility for educating our students and mobilizes business and community support behind their efforts to build a world-class public school system in Denver. The Foundation distributed over to $2 million to schools last year thanks to the generous support of thousands of individuals, foundations and businesses.

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