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March 09, 2005 - Goodwill Industries of Denver "Hope" Luncheon

What: Annual Luncheon and Awards Ceremony

Where: DCPA Seawell Ballroom

When: March 9, 2005

Beneficiary: Goodwill Industries of Denver

Honoree(s): Cliff and "Monie" BeBell received the Lifetime Service Award for their commitment to the community.

EMCEE: Gregt Moss, 9News Business Reporter

Executive Director: Tim Welker, President and CEO

Speaker: Stan Kamprath, 2004 Outstanding Professional in Philanthropy gave Keynote Remarks

Catering: Einstein Bros. Bagels

Sponsors: Colorado Rockies, Marsh, New World Restaurant Group, Waste Management and WizBang!

Quote of the evening: "If it is to be, it is up to me," Keynote Speaker Stan Kamprath on goodwill.

Menu: Salads, bagel sandwhiches, chips and cookies donated by Einstein Bros.

Attendance: 600

Attire: Business


Board of Directors: Bob Ostertag, Chair, Scot Barker, George Bogdewiecz, David Cessna, Susan Curtis, Mary Davis, Brent Drever, Bill Elsner, Tom Feldkamp, C. Dale Flowers, Richard Gonzalez, Bill Gray, Barbara E. Blanton Greene, Chuck Javernick, Fred Jeffries, Tobin D. Kern, Harold Klausner, Tamela Lee, David Majcen, Paul Mathern, Jim Meurer, Jay Myers, David Peterson, Michael G. Prieto, Bill Schmidt, Angela Timm, Jose Luis Vallejo, Dorothy Walker, Thomas Walter, Marsha Williams, Clifford Young

Blacktie Photos by: Sara Buol

 Hope, Independence and Dignity.
Hope, Independence and Dignity.

Sara Buol

Hope, Independence and Dignity. These three words meant a lot at last Wednesday’s Annual Luncheon to benefit Goodwill Industries of Denver. The theme was in full force, as a number of exceptional people were awarded for their achievements during the event’s main feature. A roomful of business and community leaders, volunteers and a number of Goodwill staff recognized those whose service demonstrates the mission of Goodwill, from volunteerism to self-sufficiency.

9NEWS Business Reporter Greg Moss welcomed guests to the event and introduced Stan Kamprath, former President of the Johnson Foundation in Denver and 2004 Outstanding Professional in Philanthropy. Kamprath, as the luncheon’s Key Note Speaker, talked about just how much influence philanthropy has in our society and thanked those who have made goodwill a part of their lives.

Describing the 80-plus million people who make up the non-profit industry in America today, Kamprath characterized goodwill in ten very important two-letter words, “If it is to be it is up to me.” He said it is important for people in the community to work together to uplift each other, to act as leaders and to practice compassion, realizing that when we give, we get back many times over what we have given.

Following Kamprath’s inspirational words, guests enjoyed a lunch provided by Einstein Bros., as Tim Welker, President and CEO of Goodwill Industries of Denver, introduced the Lifetime Service Award winners, Mildred “Monie” and Cliff BeBell.

The BeBells have contributed to the Denver area community and Goodwill for most of their long lives. Monie was an editor for the popular “Dick & Jane” reading series and Cliff, a former math professor, spent three years in a Japanese internment camp during World War II, after which he returned home to serve his community. Cliff accepted the award on behalf of his wonderful wife, who was not in attendance due to health issues.

“For 87 years Goodwill Industries has been igniting hope for the disadvantaged in the community,” said Welker. “Independence results in dignity. In 2004, Goodwill served more than 12,000 people and paid more than $29 million in wages to employees.”

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper took center stage next, where he commended Goodwill Industries and all those in attendance for their work in the community and for making Denver a better place to live for everyone. Before he helped Welker in congratulating 2005 award winners, the mayor took a moment to encourage audience members to support an upcoming initiative in the May 3 ballot, which would propose a tax increase to help fund the building of a new justice center, and also discussed a number of priorities the city hopes to accomplish over the next year.

Goodwill’s Industries 2005 award winners all exemplify the mission and vision of the organization. Each received an engraved plaque recognizing their achievements. Dr. Jerry Wartgow accepted the Community Leadership Award on behalf of Denver Public Schools; The Adams County Social Services Department’s TANF Contract Staff received the Community/Government Partnership of the Year Award; Steve Spangler, 9News Science Guy, proudly accepted the Business Partner of the Year Award; Arvada students presented their teacher Dr. Judith Croy from Arvada High School with the Educator of the Year Award; and Beth Dillon from Regis University was given the Volunteer of the Year Award.

Kevin and Diane Wilkinson, who were referred to Goodwill’s Advancement Plus training program by a member of their church and have since increased their personal self-sufficiency through new jobs and a new outlook on life, received the Family Strengthening Award. Claudia Monge and 16 year-old Amanda Najera from Adams County High School received the Mentor/Mentee Award. Through her mentoring, Monge has literally changed Najera’s life. Amanda, for whom it was once unrealistic to even consider an education beyond high school, now plans to attend college and law school and is on her way to a brighter future.

Samson Gibson received the Employee of the Year Award and last, but not least, James “Mike” Fandal received Goodwill’s Inspiration Award. Fandal, who suffers from severe retardation and is not able to communicate in any traditional way, works in Goodwill’s Community Employment program every day. He takes pride in his job and is able to experience the dignity of earning a paycheck and the satisfaction of a job well done thanks to Goodwill’s commitment to helping every person in their community attain personal and economic self-sufficiency.

All of the award winners, but especially Mike, were shining examples of the good work that the organization does for so many in the Denver area. Whether it is helping at risk youth, providing employment for those who may not be able to do it on their own, or giving businesses and individuals the opportunity to give back to their communities in a positive way, Goodwill Industries is one organization that really does do it all – acting as leaders and uplifting others to be the best they can be.

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