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May 08, 2005 - VOA salutes Moms with "I Remember Mama"

What: Brunch to honor elderly women who might other wise be alone on Mother's Day.

Where: Strings Restaurant

When: Mother's Day, May 8, 2005

Time: 11:00 am

Ticket Prices: Gift of $25.00 to sponsor a Mom

Beneficiary: One hundred and seventy-five Mothers

Presenting Sponsor(s): Kaiser Permanente

Founders: Maud and Ballington Booth

President(s): Dianna L. Kunz

Blacktie Photos by: Marcelo Mainzer

 Erin Kurse, VOA Director Corrine Schilling and Kate Howie
Erin Kurse, VOA Director Corrine Schilling and Kate Howie

By Marcelo Mainzer

I Remember Mama, a mothers day event presented by the Volunteers of America, now in its thirteenth year is an opportunity to honor and remember the greatest volunteer in most of our lives.

One hundred and seventy-five women were treated to an unforgettable Mother's Day celebration, receiving flowers, chocolates and a fantastic meal prepared by Strings Owner and Chef, Noel Cunningham. Neiman Marcus provided a lovely gift for each of the ladies and Metro taxis provided door-to-door rides to hand deliver each special guest to the event.

Over one hundred years ago, a handful of inspired individuals began a journey that continues today. The VOA has provided an opportunity for people to share both material and spiritual comfort with those who live in extreme poverty, who are abused, destitute or hungry. The VOA has helped to build shelters for homeless women and children and serves meals throughout the year so that no one need go hungry.

The VOA is a vibrant organization that continually seeks to address the most pressing current issues. Their programs serve active and homebound elderly, men and women afflicted by AIDS, homeless men, women and children, battered women and their children, families in crisis and At-risk teenagers. Nationwide, VOA currently employ over 14,000 professionals and more than 70,000 volunteers. In Colorado some of the programs and services include, hosting canned food drives for low-income families and older adults and delivering “Meals on Wheels” to homebound seniors. VOA prepares and serves meals to homeless women who are staying at the Theodora House Shelter and has adopted and decorated a room at Brandon, a shelter for battered women and their children.

It is most appropriate that the Volunteers of America, in various cities, present “I Remember Mama” because mothers are the original volunteers, they selflessly do all the hardest, smelliest and often most thankless jobs. And like the VOA Mom’s volunteer with love and joy.

“For a minimum gift of $25.00, you can be assure that hundreds of seniors will be treated to a memorable event next year and help Volunteers of America serve seniors all year long. Your Mother will receive a lovely keepsake program containing your own message before Mother's Day. In addition, your tribute can be made in honor of your Mother, or her memory; it can also acknowledge someone who has been like a "Mom" to you.” Call:303-297-0408 or e-mail at Volunteers of America.

God could not be everywhere and therefore He made mothers. - Jewish Proverb

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