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May 07, 2005 - Gathering Places Gathers Good Will

What: 15th Annual Brown Bag Benefit, An Evening in Monte Carlo

Where: Marriott City Center

When: May 7, 2005

Time: 6:00PM

Ticket Prices: Young Professional (under35): $100 Regular Tickets: $150 Patron Tickets,$200, sholarships

Beneficiary: The Gathering Place

Honoree(s): Past Presidnets and Brown Bag Chairs: Sandy Autrey, Ann Bailey, Liz Clarke, Sue Combs, Jan Cortez, Sally Daniel, Cy DeBoer, Carolyn Dunn, Charleen Dunn, Liz Frawley, Margie Hunter, Pam Ignat, Katie Johnson, Lucy Kissinger, Jill Lucas, Debbie McCarty, Deanna Person, Shirley Pierce, Judy Polidori, Diane Sweat

EMCEE: Molly Hughes, CBS4

Gala Chairperson(s): Holly Johnson

Honorary Chairperson(s): Sandy and Gary Autrey

Committee Members: Hilary Adams, Ann Bailey, Sue Combs, Cy DeBoer, Liz Frawley, Linda Hanson, Margie Hunter, Daria Kane, Debbie McCarty, Heidi Mellin, Lauren Naylor, Dee Dee Parker

Entertainment: The Nacho Men

Attendance: 575

Attire: Blacktie

Special Thanks: Gathering Place VIPs: Leslie Foster, Presidnet and CEO; Gregory Anderson, Board Chair; Heidi Keogh, Chair-Elect; Connie Kehmeier, Director; Erin Johansen, Director; Chris Downs, Director; Jennifer Bailey, Director; Liz Sloan, Director; Emily Bustos, Director; Karen Du Waldt, Director; Karen Du Waldt, Director; Pam Ignat, Director; Gary Powell, Endowment Board; Jean Tutolo, VP of Development; Rhonda Marroni, VP Volunteers

Blacktie Photos by: Chelsea Wyatt

 Honorary Chairs Gary and Sandy Autrey, left, with Robin and Gregory Anderson, President of the Governing Board of Directors
Honorary Chairs Gary and Sandy Autrey, left, with Robin and Gregory Anderson, President of the Governing Board of Directors

“An Evening in Monte Carlo” was a huge hit for The Gathering Place Association, as it presented its 15 Annual Brown Bag Benefit on May 7th. Guests got to try their hand at the tables this evening. Anyone faint of heart but not of feet could stick to the dance floor, hopping to the rock and roll sounds of the Nacho Men. This year’s attendance was even better than the last, with over 575 people coming to support The Gathering Place! The evening began with a cocktail reception and Patron Party, which featured jazz in a private room. During the cocktail party, guests could participate in the silent auction, and got to see some of the items up for live auction later. These included Neon Sports signs, featuring Colorado’s favorite teams, which create much excitement and many picture flashes. Last year’s “Day of Warmth” project was so successful that it was expanded this year into the “Days of Warmth and Caring” project. Guests were all reminded that for just $4 provides one meal at The Gathering Place, while $240 can feed a family of four for a week! Only $120 ensured “warmth and caring” for Denver’s women and children in need, by providing a shelter from harm, a community of acceptance, and an opportunity of hope. Guests were encouraged to buy a week to commemorate a special occasion in their own lives. It is obvious that Gathering Place “provides more than just meals,” it is truly revolutionary. For women who are experiencing homelessness, The Gathering Place is often the only place that they can go and feel safe and accepted. The association not only provides women with housing, child care, and education, but as the Honoree and Brown Bag Benefit Co-Chairman for 2001-02, Elizabeth Clarke told us, “gives women and mothers the courage to improve their lives so that we can help the children.” The Gathering Place is providing these opportunities to over 1,200 women each month! This was definitely an evening to celebrate their achievements, and the giving hearts of this association’s supporters. After an amazing dinner, Molly Hughes from CBS4 mentioned the many people that came together to put on the event. The Gathering Place’s CEO and President, Leslie Foster also honored Sandy and Gary Autrey for all of their support throughout the years. Later, the auctioneers John Clatworthy and Ted Odle warmed up the crowd and started a great bidding war of generosity. Amazing items, such as a Bellagio Las Vegas Package package, a Jazz Brunch with Mayor Hickenlooper, and even a slot machine, all generated a lot of excitement. After the live auction, the huge casino opened up, and guests had an amazing time spending their $500 of play money. Every year the Brown Bag Benefit comes back even bigger and better thanks to the 400 Gathering Place volunteers and the committee. The Benefit is always a special event of The Gathering Place Association. This year’s chair, Holly Johnson did a wonderful job planning the “Evening in Monte Carlo,” it was a fabulous event for every one!

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