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September 22, 2005 - Gathering Place Membership Drive Shows Denver They Care

What: The Gathering Place Association Annual Membership Party

Where: Home of Leigh and Wayne Dale

When: September 22, 2005

Time: 5:30-7:30 PM

Ticket Prices: Free

Beneficiary: The Gathering Place Association

Host(s): Leigh Dale

Attendance: About 50

Attire: Business Casual

Event Coordinator: Martha Kallestad

Blacktie Photos by: Christine Cool

 Holly Johnson,Terrell Curtis and Amber Williams
Holly Johnson,Terrell Curtis and Amber Williams

Christine Cool

For the past 15 years The Gathering Place has helped homeless women and children find support to help them get back on their feet. On September 22, 2005 The Gathering Place held it’s 15th annual Membership Event to celebrate the courageous work the organization has done over the years.

Nearly 50 members and supporters of the Gathering Place attended the event, which was held at the home of Leigh and Wayne Dale. Guest was treated to drinks and hors d'oeuvres as they looked around the Dales beautiful modern loft in the center of Downtown Denver.

Guests were stunned by the incredible hors d’oeuvres, which were prepared by Wayne Dale himself. Guest also learned about The Gathering Place’s association Membership, and many of the events put on by the organization.

One such event is The Gathering Place’s Brown Bag Benefit, which since its start in 1990, has been successful in raising over a million and a half dollars for The Gathering Place. Guests were also able to buy greeting cards made by women from The Gathering Place for $1 apiece. A large portion of the money collected from the cards went back to the women who made them. Only a small amount of the money was taken out to cover the costs of supplies.

Leslie Foster, President and CEO of The Gathering Place, discussed many of the challenges facing women and children who are homeless or poverty stricken, and what The Gathering Place has done to make their lives better. Every month The Gathering Place is able to help 1,300 poverty stricken women and their families by the support of their 350 members.

These members’ help by supporting the organization financially or by holding food drives in their neighborhoods. The Gathering place is 97 percent privately funded which means that they rely heavily on the commitment and involvement of their members. With the money raised, The Gathering Place is able to help feed these women and children and give them a place to be safe and feel welcomed during the day.

The Gathering place also offers a variety of adult educational opportunities for these women including GED preparation, literacy tutoring, a computer lab, and a Writer’s group. In 2004 over 200 women participated in at least one of these educational opportunities.

In addition to Leslie Foster, Amber Williams spoke about her life, and how The Gathering Place was able to help get her life on track. To finalize the evening, Daria Kane, President of the Association, lead in a toast to The Gathering Place’s many years of dedication and well-doing, and to many more years of helping those less fortunate.

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