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November 11, 2005 - Museum after DARK, New Signature Event for Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Where: Denver Museum of Nature & Science

When: November 11, 2005

Beneficiary: Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Presenting Sponsor(s): First Western Trust Bank

Gala Chairperson(s): Eric and Susan Sipf

Co-Chair(s): Auction: Eloise Kelly and Andi Schultz; Publicity: Jane Yale

President(s): and CEO George Sparks

Welcome: Bob Thomson, Board Chair

Catering: In house catering by the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Entertainment: David Taylor Animal Dancers

Music: Cello and percussion jungle sounds, drumming ensemble and Instrumental Jazz Trio

Sponsors: Stegosaurus Major Supporters: The Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado, Mike Leprino Family Foundation, Mary Pat Link and John Strohm, Lockheed Martin; Triceratops Associate Supporters: AMB Guaranty Trust, Aspect Energy, Baron properties & Mountain West Industrial Properties, Bradbury Properties, Cherry Creek Mortgage Company, Cordillera Energy Partners, CSG Systems, Delta Petroleum Corporation, Duke Energy Field Services, Energy Corporation of America, EON Office, FirstBank, Haselden Construction, HealthONE, Holme Roberts & Owen, Interlink, Johnson Moving & Storage Company, Koelbel and Company, Mountain States Bank, PacifiCare of Colorado, Petrie Parkman and Company, Reiman Foundation, Susan and Eric Sipf, TransMontaigne, WJD Foundation/The Deevy Family

Attendance: 600 - sold out!

Attire: Cocktail or Jurassic


Planning Committee: Sue Anschutz-Rodgers, Pam Beardsley, Monty Cleworth, Lou and Sue Clinton, Tony Combs, Alex Cranberg, Brian Crary, Diane Cushman, Barbara and Bob Danos, Brian and Caryn Deevy, Cort Dietler, Jeff Dorsey, Philippe Dunoyer, Jack Ferguson, Carl Griffin, John and Michelle Hanley, Ed Haselden, Nancy Leprino Henry, Lindsay and Oliver Hickel, Anne and Jim Hillary, Bruce and Heidi Hoyt, Karen Hummel, Wayne Hutchens, John Ikard, Angela Innes, Bart and Katie Johnson, Christine and Mark Johnson, Maureen Regan Johnson, Martha Kelce, Paul Kelly, Joy Knight, Buz and Sherri Koelbel, Mary Pat Link, Rebecca Wilson Macsovits, Susie Mammel, Tom Marsh, Jeff May, Kathy and Steve McConahey, John Mork, Roger Parker, Scott Reiman, Jeff Riggs, Kathryn and Tim Ryan, Mark Semenoff, Rusty Scott, David Steiner, Tom Swanson, Dick and Sonnie Talley, Bob Thomson, Barbara Welles, Earl Wright

Board of Directors: Chairman Bob Thomson; Vice Chairman Wayne Hutchens; Sue Anschutz-Rodgers, Pam Beardsley, Anthony Combs, Peter Dea, Philippe Dunoyer, John Ferguson III, Thomas Fries, Charles Hazarding, Nancy Leprino Henry, Oliver Hickel III, Christine Johnson, Gail Heitler Klapper, Walter Koelbel Jr., Harry Lewis Jr., Mary Pat Link, G. Thomas Marsh, John Mork, Peggy Notebaert, Eric Sipf, Thomas Swanson, Sondra Talley, Mike Wilfley, Linda Williams

Blacktie Photos by: Elizabeth Byrnes Crony

 George Sparks, left, Guerin and Warren Olsen, and Susan and Eric Sipf greeted guests at the sold-out, first signature event
George Sparks, left, Guerin and Warren Olsen, and Susan and Eric Sipf greeted guests at the sold-out, first signature event

Elizabeth Byrnes Crony

Frogs, lizards, lemurs, giant praying mantis’ and dinosaurs…oh my! On November 11th, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science held its new signature event, Museum after DARK, themed as "A Party of Jurassic Proportions” and presented by First Western Trust Bank.

“For this year’s festivities, we are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the wildly popular exhibition, Prehistoric Journey,” said George Sparks, President and CEO of the Museum. The sold-out crowd was greeted and kept on their toes as amphibians, reptiles, mammals and insects slithered and jumped around.

Co-Chaired by Board Member Eric Sipf and his wife Susan, guests were encouraged to leave their black ties and stiletto heels at home and explore the Museum, peruse the extensive silent auction selection, listen to music, sip “Sparkling Lava,” a signature drink served from a volcano ice sculpture, view special artifacts not on public display and discover mini-parties along the way, on all three levels.

Prehistoric Journey opened in 1995 and is more than just a place for the Museum to showcase its dinosaur fossil collection. It was developed as a trail through time, beginning with Earth’s birth and following through to the rise of the modern world. Evidence areas feature scientific information and hundreds of fossils that illustrate how scientists know what Earth and its animals and plants looked like millions of years ago. Prehistoric Journey itself has proven timeless as it continues to enlighten, inspire and inform million of visitors.

The Museum came alive after dark, as giant dinosaurs roamed freely among the guests. All eyes were cognicent of large tails knocking over drinks and bumping guests on the head. “Ahh, all part of the charm,” smiled Dave Noel, VP of Technology for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, as his wife’s head was being encased by the jaws of a very hungry dinosaur.

Guests felt the rhythm of the night from the loud beating of the drumming ensemble and were also called attention for dinner, after a brief announcement from Bob Thomson, Board Chair of the Museum. From the second level, looking down over the sold-out crowd, he announced, “We would like to thank you all for attending tonight and supporting our first signature event. A special kudo to Scott Wylie and the staff at First Western Trust Bank for their tremendous demonstration of support as the Presenting Sponsor.”

Dinner was catered and served by the Museum staff, on levels two and three, where guests enjoyed dining in the galleries of the Bears and Sea Mammals, the South Pacific Islands, Botswana, Explore Colorado and the Northern and Rare Birds. Each room created a one-of-a kind backdrop and each centerpiece included a dry-ice volcano and a miniature dinosaur, set in Jurassic vegetation.

All who attended were able to enjoy peeking into the past and were part of history themselves.

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