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November 16, 2005 - CO Youth at Risk Partner and SOAR for a Bold Future

What: 2005 Partners for a Bold Future Fundraising Breakfast

Where: Seawell Ballroom

When: November 16, 2005

Time: 7:30 AM

Ticket Prices: No Cost

Beneficiary: Colorado Youth at Risk

EMCEE: Drew Goodman of Fox Sports News

Executive Director: Glenna Norvelle

Committee Members: Chris Starks, Ashley Rust, Scott Wolf, Tanya Sack, Susan Selleseth, Jeanne Callahan, & Dan Macey

Staff: Glenna Norvelle-Executive Director, Patti Bennett-Program Director, Melissa Zeligman-Development Director, Julie Hendricksen-Volunteer Manager, Patrick Kraus-Program Facilitator, Natasha Reynolds-Program Manager, Martha Gutierrez-Program Manager

Welcome: Drew Goodman

Speaker: Mayor John Hickenlooper, Glenna Norvelle, Renelle Wright, and Ariana Wright, and Mike Roque

Catering: Three Tomatoes Catering

Of note: African Eyes Travel

Sponsors: Three Tomatoes Catering, Fresh Air Marketing Consulting

Board of Directors: Glenna Norvelle-Executive Director; Scott Zirbel-Chair of the Board; Hollen Ferrendelli-Vice Chair, Development Chair; Michael Delzer-Board Treasurer and Chair, Cultivation Committee; Christopher Sullivan-Board Secretary and Chair, Celebrity Golf Tournament; John Zentgraf-Chair, Governance Committee; Christopher Hunt-Chair, Audit and Finance Committee; Angela Williams-Chair, Diversity Committee; Marla Rodriguez-Chair, Public Relations and Marketing Committee; Joan Brennan-Chair, Programs Committee; Leslie Cullen, Stacia Freimuth, Mary Jo Lampe, John Lowrie, Charles Malek, Glenn Morey, Tiffany Parker, John Phoenix, Alec Rhodes, Dr. Sandra Rhodes, Len Silverston, Chad Steele

Blacktie Photos by: Tracy Hoback

 Renelle and Ariana Wright, mother and daughter guest speakers
Renelle and Ariana Wright, mother and daughter guest speakers

Tracy Hoback

SOAR, was the theme of the 2005 Colorado Youth at Risk Partners for a Bold Future Fundraising Breakfast. As emcee Drew Goodman of Fox News Sports reiterated to the audience the reason they were there, to give all kids in Denver the chance to soar.

Thanks and sincere gratitude for community support was announced by Drew Goodman on behalf of Colorado Youth at Risk as he acknowledged the following attendees: Happy Haynes of Michael Bennett’s office-Superintendent of Denver Public Schools, Elbra Wedgeworth-Denver City Council Member, Doug Linkhart-Denver City Council Member, and Dennis Gallagher-Denver City Council Member. Thanks were given to all the dedicated mentors and volunteers, without whom the organization could not thrive, and to the 65 table captains who filled their tables with guests and future supporters.

Mayor John Hickenlooper gave a very touching speech about how important Colorado Youth at Risk was for the Denver community. He told the audience how amazed he was at the success of the organization. He also spoke directly to the youth in the audience as he told them “We are your partners…We will jump out of airplanes to help you soar.”

Mentoring works, according to Colorado Youth at Risk, 95 percent of the youth in their program stay in school, 78 percent show improvement, and 78 percent of the youths show a decrease in the number of times they receive disciplinary action.

Executive Director Glenna Norvelle opened her heart to the audience as she read a letter aloud. This letter was from a youth to her mentor, a thank you for a life altering relationship. The sincerity in Glenna Norvelle’s voice was only deepened as she gave the statistics of Denver’s youth at risk. “In Denver one in four youth will not complete high school, as a result, these youth will not live as healthy or as long as those youth who complete high school.”

She was a sincere as she was hopeful as she told the audience of her five year plan to have the “Steps Ahead Program” in five schools to help 1,500 students stay in school. She concluded by thanking all the sponsors, volunteers, and mentors who have helped in the success of the organization.

Colorado Youth at Risk deeply impacts high-risk teenagers and those around them through intensive community based mentoring. They provide our young people with a foundation for sustainable change and a bold new future.

Future was the theme of guest speaker Ariana Wright. Although she endured many troubles as a child, through the “Steps Ahead Program,” offered by Colorado Youth at Risk, Ariana feels that there is nothing in life she cannot accomplish. As a graduate of the Steps Ahead program, she is a successful college student, a leader and a mentor with other youth at risk, and an inspiration to all those who know and love her.

According to Ariana’s mother, Renelle Wright, also a guest speaker, Ariana has helped her to better her own life, and the lives of her other children. “She is my hero,” Renelle told the audience, through tears of obvious love and adoration.

The success of this organization is outstanding, but it is not possible without support.

Mike Roque, Director in the Mayor’s Office of Strategic Partnerships, asked for this support from members of the audience. He asked them to contribute in any way they could, financially, in-kind, become a mentor, or volunteer within Colorado Youth at Risk. As the collection envelopes were passed around each table, there was a feeling of generosity and honest charity toward this very worthy cause.

Funds raised from this event will continue to support youth at risk in the Denver community, and will help this organization to reach many more youth and their families.

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