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January 26, 2006 - VOA Guild is Wined and Dined

What: Red Wine and Seafood? Of Course!

Where: Grand Ballroom at the Oxford Hotel

When: January 26, 2006

Time: 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Ticket Prices: $60.00

Beneficiary: The Volunteers of America Guild

Host(s): McCormick's Fish House & Bar

Gala Chairperson(s): Diana Murdy, Irene Zarlengo

Co-Chair(s): Jeanna Gaygeski General Manager McCormick's Fish House & Bar, Stephen Vice Executive Chef McCormick's Fish House & Bar

Committee Members: Amy Forey Burgett, Teresa Murdy, Michael James, Herminia Vigil

President(s): Dianna L. Kunz

Libations: Southern Wine and Spirits

Catering: McCormick's Fish House & Bar

Entertainment: Live Jazz

Sponsors: McCormick's Fish House & Bar, Southern Wine and Spirits

Information: Volunteers of America Guild, call (303) 297-0408

Board of Directors: Chairman Barbara Grogan, Vice Chair Bryan J. Pulte, Robert Bardwell Jr., Carl Barnhill, Susan Barnhill, Steve Brett, Mark Carleton, Phyllis M. Coors, Mark Cordova, Dianne Eddolls, Joe Hodas, Carol James, Paul Keebler, David Kikumoto, Jim Maetzold, Julie McCalister, Sharon Magness, Kalleen Malone, Manuel Martinez, Kate Paul, Morris W. Price Jr., Patricia Robinson, Larry Romrell, Dave Rye, Don Shek, Mike Sweeney, Terri Tochchara-Dirks, Stephen Tucker, Jaylene Smith, Herminia Vigil

Blacktie Photos by: Tracy E. Hoback

 Jim White (left), Diana Murdy, Stephen Vice Executive Chef McCormick's Fish House & Bar
Jim White (left), Diana Murdy, Stephen Vice Executive Chef McCormick's Fish House & Bar

Tracy E. Hoback

Red Wine, seafood, live jazz, sounds like fun of course!

McCormick’s Fish House & Bar hosted this great event benefiting the Volunteers of America’s Brandon Center and Theodora House in the Grand Ballroom of the Oxford Hotel.

Guests experienced a unique pairing of red wines with seafood dishes, not to mention the dessert display featuring the sweetest treats. As attendees mingled they enjoyed the sounds of Live Jazz.

Jody Yannacito, the Volunteers of America Guild Historian, enjoyed the evening with her daughters, what fun they had tasting wine and wonderful food, enjoying family and documenting this good time for the Volunteers of America.

The Brandon Center and Theodora house provide emergency shelter services to battered and homeless women and their children. The Guild provides major funding for these two shelters. The Guild of Volunteers of America also provides help to raise funds and provide volunteers to other valued programs. These programs include Adopt a Meal on Wheels Route, Fill and Deliver Holiday Gift Baskets, Decorate rooms at the Brandon Center helping cheer the lives of the residents.

Attendees of the event enjoyed an array of seafood delights and wonderful wines to compliment each dish, and my favorite, the crab cakes. As guests entered the ballroom they were greeted by giant flame as one of the chefs prepared his specialty. If the food and wine wasn’t enough guests enjoyed music as they moved around each food and wine station.

There was plenty of good food, good wine, good music, and good fun to be had by all.

All proceeds of this event benefit the Volunteers of America Guild.

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