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May 06, 2006 - RM Adventist Celebrated the Spirit with World-Renowned 5 Browns

What: Celebrate the Spirit; a Night of Classics with Rocky Mountain Adventist Health Center/Porter Adventist Hospital

Where: The Newman Center for the Performing Arts

When: May 6, 2006

Time: 6PM Cocktails and social hour, 7PM Performance by the 5 Browns, 8:45PM Dessert Buffet

Ticket Prices: Orchestra Level Seating: $175, Parterre Level Seating $150, Mezzanine Level Seating $125, Balcony Level Seating $75

Beneficiary: Rocky Mountain Adventist (Porter Adventist) Hospital

Committee Members: Emeritus Members: LaFawn Biddle, Charles Danford, James Hammond, Maxine Hopkins, Albert Kullas, Kris Ordelheide, Hugh Tighe, Jr.

President(s): Jon Hoehn

Staff: Deana Alfonso, Cynthia Andersen, Sandy Daniel, Bill Eck, Laura Fitch, Aaron Fritz, Dan Hainault, Jon Hoehn, Cheryl Hopper, Candace Malta, Triland McConico, Kathie Repola, Erik Wangsness, Bruce Will, Steve Younger

Speaker: Jim Boyle, CEO Porter Hospital

Sponsors: Reception Sponsors:Radiology Imaging Associates, P.C.; Entertainment Sponsor: The Hewitt Charitable Trust; Dessert Sponsors: Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Mid America Union Conference/7th Day Adventists; Masterpiece Sponsors: ENCORE Electric, GE Johnson and STATERA; Fine Art Lover: ADAMS Management Services Corporation, Colorado Joint Replacement, James and Darleen Boyle and Philips Medical Systems

Special Thanks: Volunteers: Brandi Bates, Missy Bess, Andrea Fitch, Hannah Hoff, Suzanne Ockel, Ahmad Rabieh, Miriam Rabieh, and Ramsey Rabieh

Board of Directors: Foundation Board: Jim Boyle, Donn Bruns, Suanne Carr, Terry Forde, Jack Kennedy, Gene Kissinger, Mark Mostek, Bruce Paton, MD, Bruce Porter, James Reis (Chair), Kim Ritter, Lorni Sharrow, Tamra Ward, Patricia Wassik, Bruce Will; Community Board: Dennis Carlson, David Baer, Jim Brauer, Greg Burfitt, John Coombe, Thomas Drake, MD, Joel Edelman, Jim Johnson, Lois Just, PhD, Amy King, Becky Moul, Kirk Reed, James Reis, Arthur Rosener, Jr.

Blacktie Photos by: Chelsea Wyatt

 Robert and Margie Brown with the Hewitt Charitable Trust, the evening's Entertainment Sponsor
Robert and Margie Brown with the Hewitt Charitable Trust, the evening's Entertainment Sponsor

Chelsea Wyatt

Denver is a developing center of the arts, but it is still rare that a great talent, such as the 5 Browns, makes an appearance here.

This dynamic group of five siblings, all Julliard-trained virtuoso concert pianists, truly set the stage on fire. They are young, likeable and dazzlingly talented and passionate about the music that they play. During the entire performance, it was obvious at how much they felt the music, and how much the audience could also feel the passion through the chords, as their fingers flew across the keys.

The 5 Browns were particularly delighted to play for such a cause as the Rocky Mountain Adventist Hospital (formerly the Porter Adventist Hospital) at the “Celebrate the Spirit” event on May 6, 2006. They understand all that the Hospital has, and continues to do with the community.

The proceeds from Celebrate the Spirit event went toward the DaVinci Robot, a new and dynamic surgical tool that the Hospital has already experimented with using. The machine allows surgery to be performed more quickly, with fewer incisions, and with less healing time and scarring than traditional surgeries.

It is truly as much a marvel of modern medicine as the 5 Browns are of classical music. Porter Adventist Hospital has also been busy improving itself in many other ways.

CEO James Boyle told the guests of the key things they have done lately that have resulted in a true "renewal" of Porter Hospital. This includes three key areas: the facilities, especially heart, cancer, and specialty surgery departments; Porter's culture and service; and of course, the quality, loyal employees.

Healthcare touches every one's life, and Porter Adventist Hospital has the true gift of changing the way it is delivered to the community. They have been in the business of caring for people for over 75 years! The entire time, the health of individuals in the community has been their key focus. Another area where Porter Adventist Hospital is a pioneer is with the DaVinci robotic surgical technique, which this evening benefited, as well as providing the first comprehensive PET program in Denver.

The Porter Adventist Hospital is also a partner with the University of Denver Pioneers, where the event was held. The University of Denver's Newman Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Denver is a world-class music facility with beautiful design and an orchestra pit. The 5 Browns declared that the pianos provided for the performance were some of their favorites.

The 5 Browns truly played like they were inspired on the Newman stage, their hands flowing over the keys faster than many in the audience could watch. The playing was so beautiful that it was easy to close your eyes, and let the scenes from “Westside Story” take you back to the play, or the music from Danzas Argentinas transport you South. All five players flowed together flawlessly, both thanks to their diligent four to eight hour-a-day practice, and their amazing transcriber, Jeffery Shumway.

These incredible, young pianists have performed as part of the 2002 winter Olympic Special Events, CBS, 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, and the Oprah Winfrey Show. It was truly amazing to have them right here in Denver, especially for as wonderful a cause as Porter Adventist Hospital.

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