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October 07, 2001 - Secret Chefs Slave for PAVE

What: Dinner prepared by 10 celebrity chefs

Where: Strings Restaurant

When: October 7, 2001

Beneficiary: Project PAVE (Promoting Alternatives to Violence through Education)

Presenting Sponsor(s): St. Anthony's Health Foundation

Co-Chair(s): Dr. Dean Prina and Jill DiPasquale of Epicurean Catering

Executive Director: Jim Bernuth

Speaker: Bill Ritter, Denver District Attorney

Sponsors: EVENTeur Event Planners, Colorado Business Bank, Saytek LLC, Academy Roofing, Universal Lending, Epicurean Entertainment at Invesco Field

Menu: Chipotle Shrimp Won-Ton, Smoked Salmon with Vodka Creme Fraiche & Caviar, Shrimp Rosemary, Up On the Roof Salmon, Mellow Cello Lemon Drop Sorbet, Rosen Borb Crab with Leek Stuffed Limousine Tenderloin, Potato Walnut Pesto Lasagna, Triple Chocolate Mousse Torte

Attendance: 182

Special Thanks: Noel and Tammy Cunningham of Strings; Duman Custom Tailors for spiffy chefs' jackets

Florist: More Flowers

Information: 303.322.2382

Donors: Beverage Distributing Company, Midwest Beverage, Pinnacle Distributing, Wet Paint Communications, More Flowers, Wave Audio, Duman Custom Tailors, Alliant Foods, Epicurean Catering, EVENTeur Event Planners

 Groucho wannabes Shery McDonald Galbreath, left, dinner co-chair Jill DiPasquale, and Gary Paul
Groucho wannabes Shery McDonald Galbreath, left, dinner co-chair Jill DiPasquale, and Gary Paul

By Blacktie Staff

Strings Restaurant is known for its sophisticated fare. But its menu paled on Oct. 7 when 10 celebrity chefs invaded the kitchen and whipped up a charity dinner fit for King Louis IV.

From Chipotle Shrimp Won-Tons to Potato Walnut Pesto Lasagne, the seven-course dinner was as tasty as it was exotic.

Celebrity Chefs Peter Pryor, Jon Lorenz, Bob Rohan, Jim and Pamela Basey, Larry DiPasquale, Sharon Magness, Duane Clark, and John Tobey donned toques and tongs and prepared one course each.

Then they presented them to the 182 guests, with great fanfare.

The festive event is an annual fundraiser for Project PAVE, which seeks to end the cycle of violence in our homes and in society in general.

Each year, Project PAVE representatives speak to students in 30 schools.

They talk about verbal abuse and how it dehamanizes people; they talk about how mere words often lead to violence.

Sometimes, PAVE counselors stay for a week. They listen, and they talk about what they call "the cycle of rage" and how to end it.

And for nine years, they have been making profound changes in the way children in Denver perceive and deal with violence.

Julianne, a PAVE participant: wrote this about the program:

"I never used to stand up for myself or get angry. I had learned to stay quiet so my dad wouldn't hurt me. The program taught us that anger is a secondary emotion; you only feel it because you don't want to feel something else, like feeling hurt or sad. Now, I know how to deal with people who are angry. And today, when I stand up for myself, my friends cheer for me."

Such letters are not unusual at Project PAVE, which got its message to 7,000 elementary and middle school students last year.

Jim Bernuth, executive director, said PAVE's goal is to get kids to question all forms of violence.

He thanked Tammy and Noel Cunningham for nine years of support, he thanked the secret chefs, and he told the rest of the assembled diners: "Your presence sends a message to kids that there is hope, there is peace, and there is a future for them."

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