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August 24, 2006 - Colorado Planned Giving Roundtable's 18th Annual Summer Symposium

What: Colorado Planned Giving Roundtable’s 18th Annual Summer Symposium

Where: Inverness Hotel and Golf Club

When: Thursday, August 24

Time: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m

Beneficiary: Colorado Planned Giving Roundtable

Presenting Sponsor(s): Wells Fargo Bank

Gala Chairperson(s): Gina Taranto & Nancy Thauvette

Founders: Douglas G. Laub, Betsy A. Mangone and Scott R. Lumpkin

Executive Director: Tina Drum

Committee Members: Gina Taranto, Nancy Thauvette, Lisa Cirincione, Gayle Fitzgerald, David Hall, Dan Harris, Deidre Johnson, David Nye, Jody Phillips, Anne Roecker and Vickie Wilson

President(s): Sara M. Knowles

Speaker: Keynote Speaker; Wallace Munro, NCPG President

Sponsors: The Bank of New York, Mellon, The Denver Foundation, American National Bank, LMC Community Foundation, PG Calc Inc., Crescendo Interactive and Doolin Training and Consulting

Board of Directors: Sara M. Knowles, Daniel P. Harris, Philip V. Keenan, Norm Close, Gordon P. Smith, Edy Hughes, Shauna Levinson, Stephanie Spence, Rick Riebesell, Marcia Ashton, James E. Gumpert, Gina Taranto, Jody Phillips, Tina Drum, Michele Littell, Greg S. Rosenblum and Vickie M. Wilson

Steering Committee: Daniel A. Rich, Paul Jonas, Donna Heath and Michael Donegan

Blacktie Photos by: Marcelo Mainzer

 Sara Knowles, speakers; Jonathan Ackerman, Scott Lumpkin and Greg Resenblum with Donna M. Bandelloni
Sara Knowles, speakers; Jonathan Ackerman, Scott Lumpkin and Greg Resenblum with Donna M. Bandelloni

by Marcelo Mainzer

On Thursday the 24th of August, the Colorado Planned Giving Roundtable held its 18th Annual Summer Symposium, at Inverness Hotel and Golf Club. Each year CPGR gives professionals in the planned giving community an outstanding opportunity to come together and share knowledge and resources. Over a hundred non-profits sent representatives. Also in attendance were attorneys, financial planners, IT consultants, accountants, estate planners and several banks sent experts in the field including title sponsor, Wells Fargo.

The topics covered almost everything a non-profit would need to raise and manage funds for their cause. After Board President Sara M. Knowles welcomed members, Donna Bandelloni, Vice President of Mellon-Private Wealth Management, and the breakfast sponsor also greeted attendees.

Charles Gordy II, Managing Director and head of Planned Giving Services Division for The Bank of New York, the keynote sponsor introduced Wallace Munro, Director of Major & Planned Gifts, The Actors Fund of America, who began with the latest on new legislation regarding IRA rollovers. Mr. Munro has been with The Actors' Fund of America for 28 years, including a stint as the organization's first Director of Planned Giving.

Mr. Munro titled his talk “Marketing a Planned Giving Program One on One," in his words “not a technical presentation” so he joked “if you were expecting a technical presentation, you are free to leave at any time,"-- no one did. Wallace Munro suggested that the first thing a non-profit should do was to form a planned giving society. He explained this relationship- building by saying, “I am not in the fundraising business, I am in the adoption business; I’m trying to get our donors to adopt us as one of their heirs." In keeping with his warning that this would not be a technical presentation, Mr. Munro began relating stories about the donors who have adopted The Actors Fund.

He told Maggie’s story and Honey’s story, Bob, Jessica, Truman and Rita’s stories, each was different and depicted how to handle a different situation, but all had the common theme of “work with them, listen to them, they will tell you what you need to know and they will tell you what to do.” He continued wisely, “It's their time table, not yours." Wallace Munro returned to his metaphor of donors as family when he quoted Bob Sharp Sr., “Here’s the test - If you're about to take a gift from someone, if the person was your grandmother, would you take it?” and he continued, “If the answer is yes to that question, you answer the second question: "If you’ve taken the gift and they’re going to write a story about it in the local newspaper, do you take the gift?” And finally, Wally said “If you're in front of the cameras and Dan Rather asks, "Why did you take the gift?” Mr. Munro left the answer to each in the room and said, “If you can pass those three tests, then it's probably OK to take the gift.” Mr. Munro ended his talk with another Bob Sharp quote, “I can never take more money from a donor than they will give me“.

Mr. Munro set the standard for the rest of the speakers of the symposium and they all did their best to reach it. The speakers and their topics were Scott Lumpkin, Associate Vice Chancellor for the University of Denver on “Learning to Speak Planned Giving”, Co-Chair, Programs, Michael Donegan, VP of Development American Lung Association of Colorado “Don’t Be Afraid, It's Only Planned Giving", Abigail B. Mason, Director of Investments, KASPICK & COMPANY on “Investing Charitable Gift Annuity Assets”, Erik Dryburgh of Silk, Adler & Colvin on “Donor Restrictions-What Will They Think of Next?”, Jeff Lyndenberg-PG Calc Incorporated on “Gift Annuities: Basics and Beyond", Reine Shiffman-Alzheimer’s Association Minnesota-North Dakota Chapter on “ABC’s of Gift Planning Vehicles Revocable Options” as well as Betsy Mangone on “Trends in Planned Giving: An Update” and Jonathan Ackerman with “Making Planned Giving Work for the Business Owners”.

A tradition of the symposium is to have a luncheon speaker, however this year CPGR decided to forgo the speaker in favor of letting some of the event supporters and sponsors speak their gratitude and present an award to one of its own. CPGR founder, Betsy A. Mangone (Vice President - Philanthropic Services, The Denver Foundation), was first, followed by Leslie Karotkin (Senior Philanthropic Planner, The Denver Foundation). Board member Scott Lumpkin presented the award for Volunteer of the Year to James E. Gumpert, Director of Planned Giving for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America Southwest Region and a long-time member of the CPGR Board of Directors.

The mission statement of Colorado Planned Giving Roundtable is the best description one can give to the symposium: “The mission of the Colorado Planned Giving Roundtable is to increase the quantity and quality of charitable planned gifts in our community. We accomplish this through quality education, increased awareness and networking opportunities”. CPGR does this and much more.

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