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September 09, 2006 - Walk to D'Feat ALS

What: Walk to D'Feat ALS

Where: Pepsi Center

When: Saturday September 9th

Time: registration begins at 9:00 a.m.

Beneficiary: ALS Association Rocky Mountain Chapter

Executive Director: Pamela Rush-Negri, Leslie Ryan

President(s): Brian Cook

Catering: Vailers Kosher meats, Safeway Bakery, Pepsi, EinsteinBros. Bagels

Sponsors: John Elway Auto Nation, Vector Bank, Hatch Jacobs LLC, George T.Sanders, 1st Western Trust, Northern Trust, Triton, Paragon, Van Gilder Insurance, KBPI Radio, 9 News, Sage

Menu: Hot dogs & "junk food"

Attendance: 1,200

Attire: come as you are

Event Coordinator: Pamela Rush-Negri

Planning Committee: Pamela Rush Negri, Leslie Ryan, Michael Kadovits

Board of Directors: Brian Cook, Robb Beckerdite, Tom Carley, Pat Bailey, Marty Skolnick, David Shouse, Kent Mathews, Julie Bloom, Mark Treihaft, Mark Williams, Cathy Bodine

Blacktie Photos by: Christine Cool

 ALS Board of Directors: Robb Beckerdite, Tom Carley, Pat Bailey, Marty Skolnick, Brian Cook (president), David Shouse, and Kent Mathews
ALS Board of Directors: Robb Beckerdite, Tom Carley, Pat Bailey, Marty Skolnick, Brian Cook (president), David Shouse, and Kent Mathews

On Saturday, September 9, 2006 hundreds of guests gathered at the parking lot of the Pepsi Center to pay remembrance and show support for the ALS Association, Rocky Mountain Chapter’s Walk To D’Feat ALS. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, better known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a fatal neuromuscular disease that destroys the brain’s ability to communicate with the muscles. After time, all the body’s muscles, that include vital functions such as speech, swallowing, and respiration become paralyzed all while the brain remains unaffected.

On September 9, 2006, despite fears of possible rain showers, hundreds of people who have in one way or another been affected by ALS gathered at the Pepsi Center parking lot with the goal to raise money and awareness about this debilitating disease by participating in a 3K walk.

Before the walk began there was a short presentation by members of the ALS association. Development Director Pamela Rush-Negri spoke, thanking everyone who came out to show his or her support. Because the ALS association is funded solely on donations, it is imperative that the organization has support from the community. But thankfully, due to the cutting-edge research and vital patient services provided by the ALS Association, and also the overwhelming affect the disease has on a wide array of people, the foundation was able to raise $220,000 last year.

After the walk guests were treated to a picnic-style lunch that included “hot dogs and junk food.” Although the cause and cure of Lou Gehrig’s Disease has eluded researchers for the past 100 years, today there is hope. Thanks to new advances in science and technology scientists are beginning to unlock the secrets of ALS and are working towards a cure. As President of the ALS Board of Directors Brian Cook said, “we are all working to put ourselves out of a job here by finding a cure for ALS.”

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