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October 08, 2006 - Inner City Health presents "My Fair Lady" at the Lakewood Cultural Center

What: Debut of My Fair Lady

Where: The Lakewood Cultural Center

When: Sunday, October 8th, 2006

Presenting Sponsor(s): Corporate Partners of the Year: Denver Broncos Charities and McKesson

Committee Members: Cast: David Ambroson, Joe Barros, Ashley Brown, Kathy Dignan, James Erickson, Tim Fishbaugh, Maddisen Franke, Phil Gottlieb, Laura Jones, Dennis J. King, Jarrod Markman, Dan Pagliasotti, Jane Phillips, Stephanie Lynn Prugh, Victoria Rayburn, Craig Ross, Rich Sater, Carl Schneider, Nancy Shanks, Alisa Vaughters, Orlando Vega, Hannah Wilson, and Chip Winn Wells

President(s): CEO: Kraig Burleson

Staff: Director, Choreographer, and Producer: Nancy Goodwin, Assistant Director: Heather Early, Musical Director: Amanda Farnsworth, Stage Manager: Heather Early, Assistant Stage Manager: Karen Lemmer, Stage Crew: Sandy Calcaterra, Dolores Martinez, Mike Martinez and Brian Proud, Technical Director: Ken Goodwin, Set Design: Nancy Goodwin, Set Construction: John Van Lennep (foreman), Ken Goodwin, and Dan Pagliasotti, Set Dressing: Ken Goodwin, Sandy Calcaterra, and Brian Proud, Properties: Sandy Calcaterra and Dan Pagliasotti, Costumer: Cindy Franke, Sound Design: Jonathan Scott-McKean, Lighting Design: Kyle Scoggins, and Program & Graphics: Ken Goodwin

Catering: Tony Rosacci's

Music: Pre-party: Performance: Alan Bransgrove, Robert Dixon, Amanda Farnsworth, Brian Kriss, and Eddie Martinez

Sponsors: Tony Rosacci's, Harper Design, Performance Now Theater Co., Frederick Wilder & Sons, Ltd., Colorado Access, and Total Beverage

Board of Directors: William Barnes, J.D. (Board President), Christine J. Bess (Vice President), John Forney, D.D.S, Brinda Herron, Edward Ho, M.D., Hunst Holsomback, C.P.A.(Board Secretary), James Shira, M.D., Julissa Molina Soto, Sandra Thiessen and Robert Williams, M.D.

Blacktie Photos by: Chelsea Wyatt

 Will Barnes, President of the Board, Hazel Miller, and Kraig Burleson, right
Will Barnes, President of the Board, Hazel Miller, and Kraig Burleson, right

by Chelsea Wyatt

What could be better on a chilly evening than a live performance of the time-honored favorite which has a spot in all of our hearts, "My Fair Lady?" How about a room full of Colorado's best and brightest, and most medically-talented, all mixing with those from the local community, all there to have a wonderful night of magic at the show.

The Lakewood Cultural Center location made the evening delightful, by attracting people of every age and occupation. Each of these guests had a few things in common: they were passionate about seeing Eliza Doolittle on stage, passionate about meeting others in the community and enjoying great hors d'ouevres, and most of all, passionate about seeing the Inner City Health Center succeed.

As guests arrived they were welcomed by Paul Dunne, ICHC Executive Director of Development, as well as volunteers and staff from Inner City. They were treated to a wealth of delicious food at three separate buffets, provided by Tony Rosacci’s Fine Catering, and an extensive wine offering.

Although the weather outside was a bit balmy, all of the attendees fit comfortably into the foyer of the Lakewood Cultural Center, and got a chance to chat under the lights of the box office. ICHC staff then rung a bell in the lobby, letting every one know that the show was about to start, and all of them sashayed upstairs to their boxes, or in through the main doors to the cozy theater.

Inner City Health Center provides health products and services that "help solve the health care crisis." The center is located north of downtown Denver in the Five Points Area, and is helping to solve a statewide crisis for care in the areas that need it the most.

The Inner City Health Center is made up of health care professionals, many of them who volunteer their time above and beyond their own work schedule to help the community. With rapidly rising insurance costs in Colorado and the increasing number of workers without insurance, they serve a growing portion of the population that would be unable to find treatment anywhere else.

Consider the story of Delilah. She came to New Hope Dental Services (a satellite clinic of Inner City Health Center), as an eighty-year-old, and very cautiously, as she had only been to a dentist twice in her entire life. Although Delilah had to have surgery and get the majority of her teeth either removed or replaced, she got through the whole procedure. And not only that, but all her fears about the dentist were assuaged by ICHC. She left saying, "It was a snap after being so afraid of the dentist" and that "everything was a snap after that."

The clinic offers the entire gamut of services, serving "total health care for the whole person through five areas." These areas include: Adult Medical Care, Prenatal Services, Pediatrics, Dental Services and Counseling. On Sunday, October 8th, several in the community that are very passionate about seeing Inner City Health Center succeed were recognized for their work throughout the year. These included: Dr. Bernklau and the ICHC Dental Staff, who received the Lifetime Partnership Award; Craig Shannon, who was also a Lifetime Partner; volunteers of the year Dr. Greg Arfsten and Lorez Meinhold; Corporate Partners of the year Denver Broncos Charities and McKesson; and the recipients of the Celebration of Friendship Awards, Hazel Miller and Terry Trieu.

Inner City Health Center has literally hundreds of donations from both corporations and the local population each year. Donations run from the suggested donation of the evening of $10 to hundreds. Please save time in your datebook next year for this incredibly entertaining, local event. The show is sure to be grand, hors dóuevres are sure to be scrumptious, and the company will leave nothing to be desired. And best of all, your donation may end up improving a life, or even saving it!

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