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October 29, 2006 - Project PAVE Hosts A Feast to Fight Violence

What: 14th Annual Secret Chef Dinner and Silent Auction

Where: Strings Restaurant

When: October 29, 2006

Time: 5:30-6:45 p.m.

Ticket Prices: $150

Beneficiary: Project PAVE

Host(s): Noel & Tammy Cunningham

EMCEE: Mark McIntosh, Colorado & Company Host

Co-Chair(s): Gareth Heyman

Executive Director: Michael Johnson

Committee Members: Susan Napheys, Jill & Larry DiPasquale, Kelli Kindel, Tracey Lepin, Dr. Dean Prina

Staff: Myles Mendoza, Juan Monclova, Amy Stambuk, Adam Evans, Natalie Ward, Meghan Kearney, Clifton Rogers, Stephanie Roman, Melina Fraga

Sponsors: Executive Chefs: Research Management Consultants, Inc./Raydean Acevedo, Walt Jenkins & Tucker Manton, P.C. Crown Sous Chefs: Colorado Business Bank Hors d'oeuvre Chefs: Bank of Choice/Michael Alcott, Jim & Pamela Basey, EVENTeur/John Tobey, Gary Paul and Michael Cain In-Kind Cuisine Sponsors:O's Steak & Seafood at The Westin Westminster/Susan Stiff, Chefs Ian Kleinman and Scott Snodell, Epicurean Catering, Strings and Tammy & Noel Cummingham Table Sponsors: Suzie Boyd/Academy Roofing, Dianne Eddols & Glenn Jones/Jones International University, Elaine Gampel, Gareth & Betsy Heyman/MorEvents, John Capone Other Supporters: Ron Armijo/Wave Audio, Chuck Fabio/Summit Distributing, Steven O. French/Sheldon Good & Company, Cindy Kauth/Petal Pieces, Mark McIntosh, Brandt Wilkins/Wet Paint Design

Attendance: 210

Attire: Cocktail attire

Special Thanks: Tammy & Noel Cunningham and the staff at Strings

Florist: Petal Pieces


Board of Directors: Cecilia Sanchez de Ortiz, Elaine Gampel, Marc Levine, Jon Lorenz, Raydean Acevedo, Michael Alcott, Dr. Kenneth Crichlow, D.D.S, Mike Johnson, Kelli Kindel, Judge Lawrence Manzanares, Rob Mintz, Dr. Dean Prina, Esperanza Y. Zachman

Blacktie Photos by: Shawna Robbins

 Project PAVE's Myles Mendoza, left, Gareth Heyman, Chair of the Event
Project PAVE's Myles Mendoza, left, Gareth Heyman, Chair of the Event

Have you ever dreamt of being known as one of Denver’s great chefs? Do you enjoy dishing up your favorite recipes to a room full of admiring guests? Or perhaps you simply enjoy good food, good company, and a good cause.

If that’s you, then you should have been at Project PAVE’s 14th annual Secret Chefs Dinner Benefit. This magnificent seven-course meal came complete with fine wines, great food and lively company. Strings Restaurant generously allowed Project PAVE to take over the whole restaurant and present a delicious gourmet meal to 210 of our closest friends. Secret Chef sponsors were able to create a dish to be included on the menu.

Sponsors could choose to cook the dish themselves or have the option to have Noel Cunningham and his capable staff make your culinary dreams come true! Whether sponsors cooked the meal themselves or chose the expertise of Strings, this is not your typical fundraising dinner! In addition, Project PAVE hosted a small, selective, silent auction.

The evening was filled with world class dining at one of Denver’s premier restaurants. It isn’t all that often that a restaurant will be closed to the public and allow a non-profit to take over their kitchen. The guests were in for a treat with having a seven-course meal prepared by some of Denver’s top chefs.

Project PAVE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering youths to end the cycle of relationship violence. Their core issues are domestic violence, child abuse, teen dating violence, and bullying. At PAVE they have two main strategies for ending the cycle of abuse: prevention education and counseling intervention. Through their intervention programs they work with children and youth affected by relationship violence, or who appear to be at-risk for exposure to, or perpetration of, relationship violence. They use a family-centered approach. Their goal is to stop the generational cycle of this violence by raising awareness, teaching youth pro-social skills and counseling children and youth who have experienced such violence. For more information visit

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