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May 08, 2007 - 2007 Cindy Acree Hope Awards for CNI

What: Colorado Neurological Institue Annual Awards Dinner

Where: Belmar Center

When: May 8, 2007

Time: 5:30-8:30 p.m.

Ticket Prices: Free

Beneficiary: Colorado Neurological Institute

Honoree(s): Tim Boyle, Gairy Gordon, Janet Rafferty, Alexandra Sly, Charlie Wolf

EMCEE: Douglas Tisdale

Gala Chairperson(s): Lynn Bunnell, Artemis Khadiwala Donian, Charleen Merlo, Ginny Messina, Betty Phillips, Jean Watt

Executive Director: Luanne Williams

Committee Members: Cindy Acree, Dr. Pink Agarwal, Dr. Edward Arenson, Gary & Sandy Autrey, Theron & Sonya Bell, Dr. Allen Bowling, Clarence & Lynn Bunnell, Dr. J.D. & Dottie Day, Dr. Alan Diamond, Norm Dyer, Dr. J. Paul Elliott, Dr. Richard Stieg & Lucky Gallagher, Renee Glass, Chuck & Lynda Gumeson, Don & Arlene Mohler Johnson, Art & Kathy Judd, Dr. Richard & Linda Kelley, Drs. David Kelsall & Tammie Hand, Douglas Kerbs, David & Bonnie Mandarich, Dr. John & Debra McVicker, Dennis O'Malley, Dr. Barbara Lynne Phillips, Dr. Peter Ricci, Roselyn Saunders, Dr. Richard Schaler, Dr. Jay Schneiders, Dr. Don Smith, Jon Stuck, Douglas Tisdale, Dr. Marc Treihaft, Mary White, Marc & Luanne Williams

Sponsors: Norm Dyer, Don & Arlene Mohler Johnson, Swedish Medical Center, Swedish Medical Center Auxiliary, Dan Weyland

Attire: 350


Board of Directors: Douglas Tisdale, Esq., Edward B. Arenson, M.D., Richard Kelley, M.D., R. Donald Johnson, Peter E. Ricci, M.D., Cynthia Acree, Theron Bell, Lynn Bunnell, Norman Dyer, Lucille (“Lucky”) A. Gallagher, ARM, Lynda T. Gumeson, Art Judd, David C. Kelsall, M.D., Douglas D. Kerbs, Bonnie Mandarich, Dennis O’Malley, Barbara Lynne Phillips, M.D., Roselyn Saunders, Richard E. Schaler, M.D., Don B. Smith, M.D., Jon E. Stuck, Mary White, Luanne M. Williams, CFRE

Blacktie Photos by: Shawna Robbins

 Ginny Mayers, left, Ginny Messina, Dick & Jean Watt
Ginny Mayers, left, Ginny Messina, Dick & Jean Watt

The 3rd Annual Cindy Acree Hope Awards was a time of celebration and recognition. With over 300 people in attendance May 8, Colorado Neurological Institute (CNI) paid tribute to incredible patients and outgoing board members.

After years of dedication, the following board members were honored for their commitment to CNI as they stepped down from their position on the board:

Roselyn Saunders
Dr. Peter Ricci
Don Johnson
Cindy Acree

In addition to the outgoing board members, the following incredible patients, who have been treated by CNI physicians and clinicians, were honored during the event:

Tim Boyle – A former high school teacher with a 20-year history of epilepsy. Tim says epilepsy separates those who suffer from it from the rest of society. People are scared of people who suffer from seizures. At CNI, Tim now inspires and “educates” fellow epilepsy patients in his support group. There “everyone is in the same boat - we can just relax and laugh about things together”.

Gairy Gordon – Gairy, a sergeant with the US Air Force, suffered a massive stroke. After being airlifted from the Air Force Academy to Swedish Medical Center, undergoing a life-saving decompressive craniotomy and undergoing rehabilitation at Craig Hospital, Gairy now states (regarding working with the CNI team), “it’s the kind of coordinated effort I would expect in the military.”

Janett Rafferty – After suffering a stroke 10 years ago, Janett discovered CNI and the NorthStar Rehabilitation Study. Janett was implanted with an electrical stimulation device. The electrode, along with Janett’s hard work with her CNI therapists in rehabilitation, resulted in success. “I never wanted to accept that I couldn’t get better, I wanted my independence again – that’s what I found at CNI,” reports Janett.

Alexandra Sly – Alexandra’s life was changed dramatically days before she turned seven. She suffered a devastating illness, survived, but lost all of her ability to hear. Then, stepped in the CNI Center for Hearing and Dr. David Kelsall. Today Alexandra is a beautiful eight-year-old with cochlear implants living a very normal life – thanks to CNI.

Charlie Wolf – Charlie is fighting the battle of his life – and winning. Charlie was first diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. After an awake craniotomy, a bone marrow transplant, a gamma knife procedure and most recently chemotherapy, Charlie is now volunteering to help others. Charlie helps raise money for the CNI Brain and Spinal Tumor Program through their fundraiser - the Elephant Rock Bicycle Ride. Most recently Charlie has been volunteering his time at the Colorado Children’s Hospital. According to Charlie, “You never know what wonderful things are still ahead”.

About Colorado Neurological Institute, (CNI) - In 1988, a group of dedicated neurosurgeons, neurologists, and rehabilitation specialists shared their expertise and commitment to excellence in the care of neurological diseases and disorders. They established a nonprofit organization devoted to providing high-level, comprehensive, coordinated care in a patient-friendly, local environment, from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and recovery, that was unavailable anywhere else. Today, Colorado Neurological Institute (CNI) is the largest and most comprehensive neuroscience center in the region. CNI has created centers for the following neurological areas: 1) Stroke, 2) Brain and Spinal Tumors, 3) Hearing, 4) Neurotrauma, 5) Epilepsy, 6) Movement Disorders, 7) Neuromuscular and Peripheral Nerve Disorders, 8) Sleep Disorders, and 9) Restorative Neurosurgery. Within these centers, CNI addresses three main issues: 1) medical care, research, and rehabilitation, 2) psychosocial and financial assistance, and 3) community outreach and education. For more information visit

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