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May 24, 2007 - VOA and ARC Show Their Appreciation To Volunteers

What: Volunteers of America and ARC Thrift Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Where: Strings Restaraunt

When: Thursday, May 24, 2007

Time: 5-7 p.m.

Host(s): Volunteers of America and ARC Thrift Stores

Speaker: Lloyd Lewis, President of ARC & Dianna Kunz, President of Volunteers of America

Catering: Strings

Attire: Evening casual

Board of Directors: Volunteers of America of Colorado Board:
Chairman: Freya Brier, Wild Oats; Vice Chairman: Don Harlan, Harlan and Associates; Secretary: Ron Simpson General Services Administration; Treasurer: Don Shek; Directors: Blaine Chase, Chase and Company; Dianna L. Kunz, Volunteers of America; Harry Gorham, Building Operators Association of Colorado; John Herbolich
ARC Thrift Stores Board of Directors: Chairman: Dean Boosalis -BKD, LLP; Chair Elect: Charles Sather -Belfor; Vice Chair: Mark Wilson -Commercial Property Advisors, LLC; Secretary: Bonnie Larson-de Paz Isaacson Rosenbaum, P.C.; Chris Burnett- Macy’s; Scott Chandler -Franklin Court Partners; Debra Bergman - Frederick Ross Company; Allison Coulter-Redman Redman Consulting Services, Inc.; Deborah Ortega - Denver Commission to End Homelessness; John Beckman - Emanuel Anton Hannigan Anton, LLP; Frank Zaveral -Audit Committee Chair; Jim Colvin; David Hawkins; Lloyd Lewis -President & CEO of MARC

Blacktie Photos by: Billie Rommes

 Volunteers of America and ARC join together for a volunteer appreciation dinner
Volunteers of America and ARC join together for a volunteer appreciation dinner

On April 1, 2007, ARC Thrift began a month-long annual food drive that would deliver 73 tons of food to Volunteers of America’s City Harvest Food Bank. VOA City Harvest distributes food to over 75 local food banks, shelters and soup kitchens at no charge. This was the most successful ARC Thrift food drive to date, and the second largest food drive in Colorado.

Now it was time for VOA and ARC to come together again, although this time it was to show appreciation for the volunteers and sponsors who helped make it all happen. Together, they invited some special guests to gather together for an evening at Strings Restaurant on May 24. The evening began with some casual time to socialize, enjoy cocktails and some wonderful food prepared by Strings Restaurant.

After everyone had time to partake in the scrumptious food offerings, ARC President Lloyd Lewis and VOA President Dianna Kunz welcomed their guests and spoke of the many families, children and elderly who would benefit from the “tons” of food collected by the food drive. Dianna also made note that Volunteers of America was a faith-based organization and that “God had brought them (VOA & ARC) together when they needed it most.” There was much appreciation of the partnership between these two organizations.

Then it was time to honor the volunteers and sponsors. ARC Director of Business Development Kathy McAdoo was on hand to help President Lloyd Lewis present awards to a number of volunteers as well as returning sponsors: Rose Medical Center, Steve Casey's Recreational Sales and Citywide Bank. Others who received recognition were: Nancy Barlow of Barlow Advertising, Dean Boosalis of BKD, Deloitte & Touche, Carla and David Diedrich, Rick & TJ Sison and Chad Elliott. The award celebration came to a close as Dean Boosalis of BKD brought cheers from the guests as he made a commitment for 90 tons of food to be collected at next year's food drive.

ARC Thrift provides funding to ARC chapters, which in turn provide advocacy for people with disabilities. ARC Thrift is one of the largest employers in Colorado of individuals with disabilities. For more information visit To find out more about Volunteers of America and become involved, visit their website at or call 303-297-0408.

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