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July 14, 2007 - Red, White and Black (Reggie That Is)

What: Bastille Day Celebration at Hotel De Paris

Where: Hotel De Paris Museum, Georgetown

When: Saturday, July 14, 2007

Time: 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Beneficiary: Hotel De Paris Museum

Executive Director: Jim Bert

President(s): Sally Hopper

Libations: Canyon Wind Cellars

Steering Committee: for the Hotel de Paris: Mrs. Carroll Speckman, Chairman, Mrs. David Abbott, Mrs. Martin Anderson, Jr., Mrs. Adele Arrowsmith, Mr.s Thomas Bennett, Mrs. Robert Black III, Mrs. Kirk Bode, Mrs. Richad Boyer, Ms. Holly Buchan, Mrs. Mary Clark, Mrs. Gilbert Cook, Mrs. Frank Crane, Jr., Mrs. Keith Crichton, Mrs. Peter Eaton, Mrs. Maxime Fidao, Mrs. Polly Flobeck, Mrs. E. Charles Froelicher, Mrs. Richard Groves, Mrs. Horace Harrison, Mrs. Kenneth Harrison, Mrs. Eugene Hill, Jr. Mrs. George Hopper, Mrs. Fredrick Jeffries, Jr., Mrs. Chauncey A. Kemp, Jr., Mrs. Samuel H. Langstaff, Mary C. Lanius, Mrs. Peter Luce, Mrs. Richard Lyford, Jr. Mrs. Amos Mathews, Mrs. Oscar McCollum, Mrs. Pierson Melcher, Mrs. Dale Moore, Mrs. David Myers, K. Marcy Pierson, Mrs. Donald Roche, Mrs. Phyllis Salisbury, Mrs. C. Whiteley Smith, Mrs. William Smith, Mrs. William Steele, Mrs. Erik Taylor, Marne Tutt, Mrs. John Tweedy, Countess Wilhelm von Moy, Mrs. Francis Walker, Mrs. Alice Wallace, Mrs. Alan White, Mrs. Don Winslow

 Reggie Black, Louis Dupuy and Jim Vaughan
Reggie Black, Louis Dupuy and Jim Vaughan

The French tri-color flags were all around, and the flowers were resplendent in red, white and blue as well.  But the color to celebrate was Black, as in Reggie Black.

Reggie Black has spearheaded the campaign that helped raise a $2 million endowment fund for the Hotel de Paris museum.  The exciting news is that the National Trust for Historic Preservation will become a partner.  This is the first such partnership in the state of Colorado.

Further to the good news, Jim Vaughan, Vice President for the National Trust made a surprise announcement that Reggie Black was going to be receiving a prestigious award that is usually given to large groups.  Although members of the Colonial Dames had known of the award, they managed to keep it a secret.

When told of the award, Reggie said, "I am so surprised that I would be given this award, and also surprised that this group of women were able to keep it a secret."

The Colonial Dames Society of America, Colorado Chapter is very involved with historic preservation.  They own and operate two properties, which includes the McAlister House in Colorado Springs in addition to the Hotel de Paris.

If you haven't been to the Hotel de Paris in Georgetown, it is well worth the drive. It is preserved as it was back in the 1880's when Frenchman Louis Dupuy founded the hotel.  It's a long way from the French Foreign Legion but Louis introduced fine dining and many innovations to his hotel.

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