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November 17, 2007 - Laughter is Good for the Heart

What: Heart of Hearts Gala

Where: Adam's Mark

When: Saturday, November 17, 2007

Time: 5:30 p.m.

Beneficiary: The Cardiac Care Departments of Littleton and Porter Adventist Hospitals

Master of Ceremonies: Mark Koebrich, KUSA Channel 9

Presenting Sponsor(s): The Hewit Charitable Trust

Committee Members: VOLUNTEERS: Andrea Fitch, Carl Fitch, Danielle Fitch, Sarah Haigh, Heidi Hainault, Lisa Juergens, Dora Rabih, Layla Rabih, Vicki Younger, WSI Personnel Services STAFF: Deana Alfonso, Cynthia Anderson, Rhonda Cooperman, Sandy Daniel, Laura Fitch, Dan Hainault, Cheryl Hopper, Candace Malta, Eric Wangsness, Bruce Will, Steve Younger ENTERTAINMENT SELECTION: Jack Kennedy and the Hewit Charitable Trust

Invocation: Jim Reis

Entertainment: Bob Newhart

Music: The Jill Carr Band

Sponsors: DOUBLE PLATINUM HEART/ENTERTAINMENT: The Hewit Charitable Trust; PLATINUM HEART: Adventist Health System, Emergency Physicians at Porter Hospitals; SILVER HEART: Critical Care, Radiology Imaging Associates, PC, Robinson Dairy, Siemens Medical Solutions; BRONZE HEART: Cator Ruma & Associates, Colorado Business Bank, Colorado Cardiovascular Surgical Associates, Colorado Joint Replacement, The DASCO Companies, GE Johnson Construction, Grund, Dagner & Nelson, Hammes Company, Hand Surgery Associates, Health Connect Properties, Johnson Moving & Storage, Kutak Rock LLP, Littleton Adventist Hospital, The Medline Foundation, Porter Adventist Hospital, Shamrock Foods, South Denver Anesthesiologists, St. Anthony Health Foundation, Unipath; CORPORATE GIFT SPONSOR: Calcon Constructors, Inc.; VALET: ADAMS Management Services Corp.; FLORAL SPONSOR: Porter Adventist Hospital Volunteer Association; PHOTOGRAPHY: Lifestyle Photography

Menu: Salad of limestone lettuce, radicchio, winter apples, Montrachet crouton, sun-dried tropical fruit, roasted pecans, mango basil vinaigrette; espresso filet with black pepper sauce and hazelnut crusted halibut with roasted shallot tarragon sauce; Boursin mashed potatoes; asparagus, baby carrots & broiled tomato; alternating desserts, praline lace basket with white chocolate mousse with fresh berries or bittersweet chocolate gateau and brandied cherries and creme chantilly

Attendance: 350

Attire: Black Tie Preferred

Board of Directors: LITTLETON HOSPITAL: Ken Bacon, David Benson, Mary Bradford, Carl Fitch, Alicia Guerra, Jeff Johnson, Kim Jones, Jack Kennedy, Matthew Opheim, Darrell Schulte, Courtney Snyder, Henry Sobanet, Keys Tinney, Erik Wangsness, Rhonda Ward, Patricia Wassik.
PORTER HOSPITAL: Jim Boyle, Donn Bruns, Julie Johnson, Jack Kennedy, Mark Mostek, Bruce Paton, MD, Bruce Porter, James Reis, Kim Ritter, Lorni Sharrow, Tamra Ward, Patricia Wassik, Bruce Will.
EMERITUS MEMBERS: LaFawn Biddle, Suanne Carr, Charles Danford, Jame Hammond, Maxine Hopkins, Albert Kullas, Kris Ordelheide, Hugh Tighe, Jr.

Blacktie Photos by: Stacy Ohlsson

 Jim Reis and Ken Bacon present a specal award to Bill & Betty Ruth Hewit, whose charitable trust has continued to underwrite the entertainment for the Heart of Hearts Galas over the years
Jim Reis and Ken Bacon present a specal award to Bill & Betty Ruth Hewit, whose charitable trust has continued to underwrite the entertainment for the Heart of Hearts Galas over the years

Bob Newhart brought his unique brand of comedy to the Adam’s Mark Hotel in Downtown Denver on Saturday, November 17, 2007 for the 27th Annual Heart of Hearts Gala benefiting the Cardiac Care Departments of Littleton and Porter Adventist Hospitals.
The Adam’s Mark Ballroom was decked out in white and red hearts hanging from the ceiling, thanks to Valerie Schaefer. Dozens of silent auction items were placed around the ballroom, and patrons could have professional portraits taken in between bids, with Lifestyle Photography.
2007 Regional Emmy Award winner Mark Koebrich of KUSA 9News was the emcee for the evening (but drew a lot of laughs as he introduced himself as Kathy Sabine, well known meteorologist at 9NEWS). Kathy and Mark both lost their parents over the last year and cardiology is an important issue in both of their lives.
It is difficult to get the attention of several hundred folks enjoying dinner, but every time he needed to draw the crowd in, Mr. Koebrich would say that he was going to announce a Nuggets score and the room would go silent in anticipation. What a sports-oriented town Denver is!
Two awards were presented. The first went to Bill and Betty Ruth Hewit for their philanthropic support through the Hewit Charitable Trust over the years. They typically underwrite the fantastic entertainment for the Heart of Hearts Galas.
The Henry M. Porter Award recipient was Dr. Bruce Paton, who had a varied and seemingly exotic career, which eventually led him to Porter Adventist Hospital. He was an integral part in growing and expanding the Cardiac Surgical program at Porter. He is truly admired by his peers, very active on several boards and is an accomplished artist. Dr. Paton accepted the award “on behalf of my wife and every other doctor-wife,”
to much applause.
A startling video was shown, narrated by former cardiac patient Brian Healy. He reluctantly went to the emergency room with a pain in his chest, thinking he may have had heartburn. Within a few minutes, he was flown to surgery where an aortic aneurism was found. His team of doctors including Dr. Hofer, said that he would not have survived another 15 minutes had he not acted on his hunch to go to the emergency room.
Brian thanked Dr. Hofer on Saturday night for saving his life by offering him a bandolier of Sharpie pens in a rainbow of colors (obviously a clever inside joke, and warmly received). He touted the “seamless behind the scenes activity” as well as the nursing care that he received at Littleton Adventist. His experience had a ripple effect through his family, with 35 (!) nieces and nephews celebrating his life.
Cardiovascular disease is the NUMBER ONE killer in the United States. FIFTY PERCENT of women will die from cardiovascular disease, while only four percent will die from breast cancer.
63% of women and 50% of men who have died suddenly of cardiovascular heart disease had no previous symptoms. Gender, race, creed and lifestyle cannot predict who will fall prey. Luckily, the Denver area has Littleton and Porter Adventist Hospitals to provide the highest levels of cardiovascular care along with the latest technology, while still serving the intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and their families.
But on to the fun stuff…
Chairman of the Porter Board, Jim Reis, introduced Bob Newhart, who actually performed at the Heart of Hearts Gala in its second year, 1982. Tongue in cheek, Bob commented that at the time they said, “It was such a great hit. We need to get this guy back real soon.” 
25 years later …
Mr. Newhart tends to throw caution to the wind, along with political correctedness. “People are too uptight about being politically correct,” he said in his typically dry tone. However, he kept everyone in stitches, so to speak, with his  unique sense of humor.Bob ended the night with a “skit” from an album which was first put to vinyl in 1960.  
Laughter is truly the best medicine, and a sure way to be heart-healthy. Kudos to Bob Newhart, the Hewit Charitable Trust for bringing him in, and the whole Heart of Hearts committee for putting on such an entlightening evening!

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