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June 13, 2008 - A Perfect Day for Salt on the Rim

What: Fundraiser for The Kempe Foundation and Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect

Where: Private home in Highlands Ranch

When: Friday, June 13, 2008

Time: 5:30 p.m.

Host(s): Betty Peterson and her "miracle garden"

Gala Chairperson(s): Virginia Bray

Co-Chair(s): Jan Brooks

Committee Members: Lyn Schaffer, President – Kempe Alliance; Carol Kolash, Development Officer – Kempe Foundation; Nancy Koontz, Special Event Coordinator, Kempe Alliance; Virginia Bray, Chair, Salt on the Rim; Jan Brooks, Co-Chair, Salt on the Rim; AUCTION COMMITTEE: Ryta Sondergard, Chair; Pam Wharton, Co-Chair; Mary McNicholas, Silent Auction Coordinator Extraordinaire; FOOD AND CATERING COMMITTEE: Miriam Abreu, Chair; Nancy Koontz, Co-Chair; Sally Shotwell; SET UP AND CLEAN UP COMMITTEE: Lori Eidenschink, Chair; Veronica Larkworthy, Co-Chair; WELCOME AND MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Lynne Napolilli, Chair; Georgia Imhoff, Co-Chair; Sandy Walling; Rebecca Eller; Vicki Dow; Marisa Harris; Renee Hopkins; Nancy Koontz; Veronica Larkworthy; Connie Robertson; Mary Shay; Debra Smith; Salye Stein; Marsha Temple; DECORATION COMMITTEE: Maggie DeComa, Chair; Marisa Harris; BAR COMMITTEE: Michael Scanlon, Chair; Tom Napolilli; Larry Schaap; Lou Bindner; Eric Bindner; David Larkworthy; Tim Donohue; INVITATION COMMITTEE: Stanzi Lucy

President(s): /CEO of Kempe Foundation: Jesse Wolff

Staff: Kempe Foundation: Lindsey Zimmerman - Director of Communications; Melissa Vizcarra - Communications Assistant; Mae Desaire, Officer - Community Partnerships; Carol Kolash, Officer - Major Gifts; Genia Larson, Officer - Events and Corporate Relations; Laurie Nielsen, Officer - Database Management; Sharon Schonhaut, Officer - Foundations and Corporations; Val Traina - Coordinator; Gene Liffick - Director of Operations; Rob Tallmadge - Accounting Manager; Sandra Kuker - Administrative Assistant

Catering: Lime Restaurant, Mezcal, Tambien, Zink, Your Way Gourmet, Gourmet Fine Catering and Gelazzi Gelato

Board of Directors: Alliance Board: Founder and Past President: Georgia Imhoff; President: Lyn Schaffer; President Elect: Ryta Sondergard; Treasurer: Sydney Lapidus; Treasurer Elect: Jan Brooks; Recording Secretary: Glory Weisberg; Recording Secretary Elect: Cathy Klein; Corresponding Secretary: Sandra Walling; Corresponding Secretary Elect: Adrienne Fitzgibbons; Volunteer Hours: Jody Baker; Membership: Lynne Napolilli; Membership Elect: Wendy Simkowitz; Communication: Veronica Larkworthy; Computer Technology: Peggy Horrigan; Computer Technology Elect: Miriam Abreu; Membership Roster: Debbie Lepetsos; Membership Roster Elect : Salye Stein; Families for Families: Sally Shotwell; Families for Families Elect: Shirley Monticello; Preschool Lunch Program: Lisa Porcella; Preschool Lunch Program Elect: JC Chirila; Special Events: Nancy Koontz; Special Events Elect: Radhika Mahanty; Publicity: Wenda Dueck; Publicity Elect: Judy Richter; Education/Policy Liaison: Gail Johnson; Historian: Sherry Clark;
Foundation Board: Steven A. Cohen, Chairman of the Board, Anschutz Investment Company; Gail B. Johnson, Secretary, Community Leader; Kenneth A. Friednash, Treasurer, Dakota Fresh-Mex, LLC; Jesse F. Wolff, President/CEO, The Kempe Foundation; Robert B. Clyman, MD, Executive Director, The Kempe Center; James L. Basey, Downtown Denver, Inc.; David J. Bregman, Medical Properties Group, LLC; Reynolds Cannon, Windsor Capital Partners, LLC; Stephen R. Daniels, PhD, MD, The Children's Hospital/CU School of Medicine, Chair, Department of Pediatrics; Zack M. Davidson, Everest Development Company; Steven C. Demby, Esq., Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, PC; John D. Faught, Esq., Fognani & Faught, PLLC; Georgia R. Imhoff, Community Leader; Walter F. Imhoff, Community Leader; Debbie Jessup, Bank of Choice Holding Company; Wendy V. Kane, Mantucket Capital Management Corporation; Agatha Kessler, The Watermark; Richard D. Krugman, MD, Dean, CU School of Medicine; Jon B. Kruljac, Bathgate Capital Partners; Bill Mackiernan, Miller Weingarten Realty, LLC; Tate McCoy, Lockton Companies, LLC; Kimberly A. Mitchell, 3 Peaks Consulting; Charles K. Monfort, Colorado Rockies; Richard C. Saunders, Saunders Construction, Inc.; David B. Savitz, Esq., Attorney at Law; Lyn Schaffer, The Kempe Foundation Alliance; Mark Smith, M.J. Smith & Associates; Lisa L. Taussig, Community Leader; Howard H. Torgove, Magna Associates Liquidating Trust; Harry Whipple, Denver Newspaper Agency;
Advisory Council: Chris Christmas; Dean Prina, MD; Jeannie Ritter, First Lady of Colorado; Dylan Taylor; Landri C. Taylor; Anne Trujillo;
Honorary Board: Jules Amer, MD; John Elway; Frances Owens, Former First Lady of Colorado.

Blacktie Photos by: Pamela Cress

 Jill DiPasquale, left, Miriam Abreu and Virginia Bray
Jill DiPasquale, left, Miriam Abreu and Virginia Bray

It's hard to believe it's been a year since supporters of the Kempe Foundation Alliance gathered for the annual summer soiree, "Salt on the Rim," and a man named Jesse Wolff was mingling in the crowd before he was ultimately introduced as the new Kempe Foundation President and CEO. In that year's time, 10,000 kids were abused or neglected in the state of Colorado. Those kids are why 300+ supporters gathered for this year's Salt on the Rim and why they provide resources and gifts for the programs of the Kempe Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect.

Under Jesse's leadership, programs like the Kempe Champions (for young professionals), Kempe Ambassadors, Kempe Committees, Lunch n' Learns, Help in the Preschool and Advocacy Network have contributed thousands of hours and raised funds to help children who have been abused or neglected. Children like Natalie, profiled on the Kempe website, who was born six weeks premature with cocaine and marijuana in her system and was so small she fit in the palm of your hand when she was born. She went to live with foster parents when she was only three weeks old, and through programs at Kempe, went from a small, underdeveloped child to one who excels, laughs and is a happy and productive child.

And so, with kids like Natalie and so many others who need help and guidance in mind, supporters gathered at the home of Betty Peterson to taste samplings and margaritas from Lime Restaurant, Mezcal, Tambien, Zink, Your Way Gourmet, Gourmet Fine Catering and Gelazzi Gelato. Betty told the crowd the spectacular garden that was the venue for the party was given to her by her husband, who wanted a project to concentrate on 3 1/2 years ago after he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Now, cancer free, he and Betty enjoy what they call the "miracle garden," and wanted to share it with Kempe supporters.

Emcee Jason Boyer, meterologist for CW2, conjured the perfect weather for this signature event. There were brief remarks by Jesse Wolff, chairperson Virginia Bray and co-chair Jan Brooks, and then president elect Ryta Sondergard displayed hidden talents as a great auctioneer, with help of Mary McNicholas. It was a wonderful evening, the benefits of which kids like Natalie, although too young to grasp the full power of it, will enjoy for a lifetime.

The Kempe Foundation Alliance supports the mission of the Kempe Foundation and is the tireless, well-orchestrated machine behind a lot of the fundraising and friendraising efforts for the Kempe Center. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, The Kempe Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect has been recognized as the world leader in child abuse treatment programs, and for over forty years, has been at the forefront in the fight against child abuse.      

Directed by some of the nation’s leading experts, The Kempe Center hosts nine innovative programs that treat abused children (from birth to age 18), train medical professionals and research new treatment methods to help and heal the most children. As a world leader in the fight against child abuse and neglect, Kempe gives children and families more hopeful futures.

Last year:

  • 1,500 children were treated by Kempe professionals.
  • 2,500 professionals were trained by Kempe to work on the front lines defending children.
  • 140,000 visitors were educated at
  • The Kempe Infants in Foster and Kinship Care Program identified and provided services to 97% of all infants under the age of six months who entered court-ordered out-of-home placement in the City and County of Denver.
  • Over 89% of the children in Kempe's Therapeutic Preschool graduated into mainstream school settings.
  • The Kempe Child Protection Team provided evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for over 900 children.

For some amazing success stories and to lend a hand, log on to


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