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June 12, 2008 - Goodwill Volunteers Rock!

What: Goodwill Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

Where: The Curtis Hotel, 14th and Curtis, Denver

When: Thursday, June 12, 2008

Time: 7:45 - 9:00 a.m.

Host(s): Goodwill Industries

Honoree(s): Goodwill volunteers and corporate sponsors

EMCEE: Paul Chavez

President(s): Tim Welker, Goodwill President & CEO

Staff: Executive Team: Ric Berninzoni, Vice President of Retail Operations, Kevin Jones, Vice President of Fund Development, Kristen Blessman, Vice President of Marketing, Joyce Schlose, Vice President of Workforce Development, Sharon Kermiet, Vice President of Finance and Administration

Welcome: Joyce Schlose

Speaker: Claude Harris, Goodwill facilitator at Montbello High School

Catering: Curtis Hotel

Sponsors: Comcast

Quote of the evening: "Because you care about our youth, you care about our future." Joyce Schlose

Attire: Business


Board of Directors: Tom Athenour, George Bogdewiecz- Chair, Kathleen Cook, Brent Drever, Richard Dutkiewicz, Bill Elsner- Secretary, C. Dale Flowers, Sam Freeman, Harold Klausner- Past Chair, Tamela Lee, David Leonard, Doug Linkhart, Scott Maierhofer, Carrie Mesch, James R. Meurer, Todd Munson, Vice Chair, Jason Romero, W. Dean Salter, Bill Schmidt, Van Schoales, John Shunk, Erin Smyth, Gully Stanford, Steven Swain- Treasurer, Dorothy Walker, Cliff Young

Blacktie Photos by: Billie Rommes

 Sheri King receives the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame Goodwill Award, presented by the King himself.
Sheri King receives the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame Goodwill Award, presented by the King himself.

Usually, when we think of rock stars, a few big names like Elvis and Cher and Cyndi Lauper come to mind. Right? Not at Goodwill Industries. The first thing they think of is the many dedicated volunteers and committed corporate partners who rock! They are the real rock stars. And the Goodwill "Volunteers Rock!' Lasting Impression breakfast is the way Goodwill recognizes their superstars.

Goodwill held an appreciation breakfast like no other to recognize leading organizations and outstanding volunteers in the community. The Volunteers Rock Appreciation breakfast was held on Thursday morning, June 12th at the Curtis Hotel downtown Denver. Guests and honorees gathered together to recognize and honor these individuals and organizations, while enjoying a pleasant breakfast served by the Curtis Hotel catering. The theme of the morning was worthy of the biggest and best rock stars. On hand to welcome attendees and set the mood were three famous rock stars, Elvis, Cher and Cyndi Lauper, also known as Brian Pontius (as Elvis), Ruth Ann Kallenberg (as Cher) and Kelly Hofer (as Cyndi Lauper).

All awards of the morning were hand delivered to each honoree by one of these three rockers. The emcee for this rockin' breakfast was Paul Chavez. Paul spent 15 years as a radio emcee before moving on to a busy insurance practice and a production company. Paul is also a Goodwill volunteer. He started the program off with a warm welcome and then introduced Joyce Schlose, Vice President of Workforce Development. Joyce shared some interesting information about studies done by America's Promise Alliance. The study showed that in many metro Denver urban schools, the graduation rate is down to nearly 47%, as compared to a roughly 77% rate in suburban areas. But with the help of the many valuable volunteers, 96% of seniors involved in Goodwill programs graduate. That is an encouraging statistic.

Joyce then introduced Claude Harris, a Goodwill facilitator at Montbello High School. Claude shared some wonderful stories on students that he has worked through Goodwill programs. During the awards program, guests were entertained with a short skit, written, produced and directed by the Goodwill Student Advisory Council, called the "Let's Get a Job" show. It was a very entertaining message about the value of having mock interviews with a Goodwill volunteer to prepare students for important job opportunities, one of the many Goodwill programs for teens.

But the morning was all about the ten volunteers and three corporations that did their part to make metro Denver a better place for today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders. It was a chance for Goodwill to share their appreciation with some special awards. A Platinum Award was given to Corporate partners who far surpass expectations for their involvement and volunteer time. The following companies received a Platinum Award: Intertech Plastics, Cricket Communications and to David Pacs and the team at AXA Advisors.

The next awards were the Rock Around the Clock Awards, given to individuals who gave the most classroom volunteer hours for the 2007-2008 school year. Those individuals were: Benji Goodrich with Great West Life, Roger Olds with Pre-paid Legal Services and Shana Critchlow with King Soopers.

The Solid Gold volunteer awards went to individuals who do a little bit of everything and still go above and beyond. Those three individuals were: Meghan Van Portfliet with Cricket Communications, Lewis Kelly with Denver Fire Department and Jared Maestas with State Farm.

The final awards were the Hall of Fame mentor awards. This award is for the mentors that have been with Goodwill for five years. There were four individuals who received this award: Ed Vaughn with Avaya, Sherri King with Avaya, Darla Guy with Avaya and Jamie Mulholland with the US District Attorney's Office.

This was quite an impressive list of outstanding corporations and individuals who have given so much to the at-risk youth served by Goodwill, leaving a lasting impression on their futures. Last year, Goodwill had over 5,000 volunteer hours, contributing back $100,000 to the community, which is roughly $19.50 per hour. Goodwill is much, much more than a place to donate unwanted goods. Goodwill provides many wonderful sevices such as their youth programs. Goodwill Youth Services partners with over 27 Denver Metro high schools to help more than 15,000 disadvantaged teens achieve their dreams each year. Goodwill provides classroom instruction, one-on-one support, and job opportunities to help teens stay in school, gain valuable life skills and become leaders in their communities. If you would like to find out more about the many programs and how you can help, contact Goodwill at (303) 650-7733 or

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