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June 18, 2008 - National Repertory Orchestra Ushers in Summer

What: annual summer gala

Where: Donald R. Seawell Grand Ballroom

When: Saturday, June 21, 2008

Time: 6 p.m.

EMCEE: Ed Greene

Gala Chairperson(s): Judi Wolf

Honorary Chairperson(s): Sharon Magness Blake

Co-Chair(s): Kalleen Malone

Executive Director: Kerry Farrell

Committee Members: David Alexander, Jamie Angelich, Julie Chandler, Phyllis Coors, Margaret Cunningham, Steve Edmonds, Elektra Falliers, Adrienne Fitzgibbons, Jean Galloway, Rollie Jordan, Douglas Kerbs, Bonnie Kirschenbaum, Yvonne McCallum, Roselyn Saunders, Sue Simos, Kate Taucher, Suzy Witzler

Libations: Red Creek Chardonnay and Merlot

Catering: Epicurean Catering

Music: National Repertory Orchestra

Sponsors: Gala sponsors: Silver: Anna and John J. Sie Foundation, Wells Fargo; Premier Corporate Table: Ernie and Sharon Magness Blake; Corporate Tables: Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Grand Timber Lodge, ISU Insurance Services, Slifer Smith and Frampton Real Estate, State Street Bank & Trust, Vail Resorts; Patron Tables: Laurie and Terry Barr, Libby Bortz and Mike Altenberg, Breckenridge Heritage Alliance, Barbara and Jim Calvin, Bob and Nancy Follett, Jean and Ben Galloway, Lee and Peg Henry, Yvonne and Bill McCallum, Kate and Jim Taucher, Town of Breckenridge, Suzy and Cap Witzler, Judi and Marvin Wolf.
Season sponsors: Wells Fargo, Town of Breckenridge, ResortQuest, Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center, Ski Village Resorts, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, The Summit Foundation.

Menu: Summer farmer's market chopped vegetable timbale, chicken breast with apricot au jus, wild rice with nuts and dried cranberries, roasted asparagus and raton carrots, chocolate raviolis filled with hazelnut Ganache

Attire: Blacktie preferred

Special Thanks: Barbara Greene, Bouquets, Ed Greene, Redwood Creek wines

Hors D'Oeuvres:: Crab chili relleno, Brie en Bouche with granny smith apple filling, Asian chicken meatball with coconut curry pipette, Blini topped with cold smoked salmon, Proscuitto wrapped asparagus

Florist: Bouquets

Board of Directors: Bonnie Kirschenbaum, President; Jim Taucher, Vice President; Gerald Fricke, Treasurer; Laurie Barr, Secretary; Libby Bortz; Barbara Calvin; Reginald Gray, Past President; Bruce Horii; Patrice Lara; Kate Taucher; Sustainers: Mike Altenberg, Terry and Carlie Barnhart, Bob and Cynthia Benson, Gerri Cohen, Joe and Marty Davis, JoAnn Falletta, John Fielder, Bob and Nancy Follett, Robin Hadley, Bill and Joan Houlton, John and Ann Kern, Jim and Anita Kreider, Sandy Mortensen and Lou Wagner, Harriet Neiman, Bonnie Orkow, Tom and Ann Rader, Elise Rowe, John and Gretchen Swift Executive Director: Kerry Farrell; Music Director: Carl Topilow

Blacktie Photos by: Pamela Cress

 Chair Judi Wolf welcomes the crowd with Ed Greene, CBS4
Chair Judi Wolf welcomes the crowd with Ed Greene, CBS4

It was the first day of summer, and it was "hot, hot, hot." And as Judi Wolf said, "it isn't just the weather, it's the vibes I feel in this room." Judi was talking about the Summer Gala for the National Repertory Orchestra, and the room was the Donald R. Seawell Grand Ballroom, and Mr. Seawell himself was there to partake in the wonderful event, along with many other luminaries.

Judi Wolf, as only Judi Wolf can, was a spectacular hostess and event chair. She graciously welcomed the crowd, urged them to bid high and often on the auction items during dinner, and even helped to conduct the orchestra for a few moments, to the delight of its members.

And the NRO would not be what it is today without the consistent and generous support of Ernie and Sharon Magness Blake. Judi called them up on stage to be honored for their commitment, and you could see the pride and humility in their eyes. "Everyone knows the cumulative time I have spent publicly speaking is about 1/2 hour," joked Ernie. "But I want to speak tonight and thank you all for your support."

Executive Director of the NRO, Kerry Farrell, also welcomed the audience and introduced violinist Tallie Brunfelt, who eloquently spoke about what the NRO experience means for her, and even though she expressed her trepidation about speaking to such a distinguished audience, she represented well the pride and professionalism that is inherent in the composition of the members of the NRO.

The evening was a magical one, but the real stars were the members of the NRO, conducted by a red-jacketed Carl Topilow. These young musicians are already well on their way to becoming accomplished professionals, and have a great future ahead. The crowd felt so much appreciation and respect for their talents that repeated standing ovations were offered.

The NRO is preeminent intensive fellowship that equips young musicians for orchestral music careers while providing the highest-level of musical experience for all stakeholders. During an intense eight-week performance season, musicians perform more than 24 concerts and numerous smaller events, equivalent to a full orchestra season.

The NRO performs two full orchestra concerts each week in Breckenridge's beautiful Riverwalk Center between mid-June and early-August. In addition, members of the NRO take part in smaller chamber concerts during the festival, and the full orchestra plays at several other locations in the state.

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