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September 13, 2008 - MaxFund Presents "Hooray for Hollywood!!"

What: 20th anniversary celebration for MaxFund Animal Adoption Center

Where: Ritz-Carlton Denver

When: Saturday, September 13, 2008

Time: 5:30 p.m.

Ticket Prices: start at $87.50 and sponsorships start at $500

Beneficiary: the continued well-being of the animals cared for at MaxFund

Honoree(s): Tax, Terra, Piggy and Remington

EMCEE: Bob Kendrick, KUSA

Founders: Dr. Bill and Nanci Suro

Executive Director: Shelter Director: Scott Rupp

Auctioneer: Michael House

Quote of the evening: "Everyone that loves pets is generally kind to emcees."--Host Bob Kendrick

Menu: Heirloom tomato sampler with bouquet of locally grown greens; choice of cumin dusted seared salmon in orange butter sauce, beef short ribs braised in micro brewed beer and velvet red wine sauce, or herb and mustard seared chicken in lemon basil sauce; chef's selection of vegetables and starch; earl gray and dark chocolate tart with lemon Verbena cream

Attendance: 250

Attire: Black tie preferred

Board of Directors: Elizabeth Grice, President; Bill Suro, Vice President; Phyllis Eveleigh, Secretary; Jan Eckhardt; Jennifer Lane; Sherrie Parrish; Simon Melser; Bob Murdock; Erin Fandal.

Blacktie Photos by: Pamela Cress

 Founder of MaxFund, Dr. Bill Suro, left, with Dr. Dick Brickett
Founder of MaxFund, Dr. Bill Suro, left, with Dr. Dick Brickett


  just one of the beautiful animals at the Maxfund Animal Shelter

Max was hit by a car. In shock, and with two broken legs, he was left by the side of the road. A young woman felt pity and took him to the local veterinarian. But after 10 days there was no one to take care of his extensive, and expensive, orthopedic surgeries. Dr. Bill Suro owned a vet hospital at that time, with his wife, Nanci Suro as hospital manager. They decided to accept Max with all his problems.

Despite all the pain and discomfort from multiple surgeries and a long period of physical therapy and rehabilitation, Max never lost his amazing attitude. He quickly became a favorite of staff and clients alike. A fish bowl was placed on the front desk for donations towards Max's hospital bill. The sign on the fish bowl said "The Max Fund."

After five surgeries and eight weeks of hospitalization, Max was discharged and adopted by one of his veterinarians, John Joseph, DVM.

The happy ending to Max's story was the happy beginning of the MaxFund. The money left over from the generous donations for Max was the initial start-up money for the MaxFund, an organization dedicated to injured animals (like Max) with no known owners. 

The 20th anniversary of the MaxFund tradition was celebrated in style at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on Saturday evening. Guests were able to support the organization through many silent and live auctions, and Bob Kendrick provided his own upbeat sense of humor as emcee for the program.

After a delicious dinner, there was a parade of adoptable dogs, including Angel, who has the most adorable face that ever was; Oliver, an Australian Shepherd mix who was almost euthanized at another shelter; Pecos Billy, a gorgeous German Shepherd who was hit by a car and rescued by a carload of ballerinas ("there could be a lot worse things!," Kendrick quipped); Cricket, an adorable Chiquaqua whose owner had to go into assisted living; Kane and Sheba, a brother and sister team that are extremely friendly and need a good home together; and Gracie, a rat terrier who still has a great attitude and persistence even though she has some paralysis in her hind legs. These and hundreds of other dogs is what MaxFund is all about, and they tore at the heartstrings and hopefully pocketbooks of supporters in attendance.

The program wrapped up with the Golden Paws awards, for animals such as Taz, a German Shephers/Golden Retriever mix who led rescuers to his master, Danelle Ballengee, who had fallen on a run in Moab and fractured her pelvis. Taz traveled the five miles to the trailhead after three days in the wilderness and led rescuers back to Danelle, saving her life. Also awarded was Terra, a wonderfully dispositioned Doberman Pinscher who continually lay her head on owner Laura Holum's lap during the evening, even though she is a working dog; Piggy, a Siamese cat; and Remington, a chocolate Lab who also performed heroic acts.

There is a saying that you can only hope to be the kind of person your dog thinks you are. Help these wonderful animals--who perservere through adversity caused by any number of reasons but still wag their tails and give you a kiss if you want one--by supporting MaxFund. For more information, log on to

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