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December 07, 2001 - Cartoonist Draws Fans for Charity

Where: Denver Press Club

When: December 7, 2001

Beneficiary: Max Fund Animal Adoption Center, Press Benevolent Association

Host(s): Che Rippinger

Catering: My Gourmet Chalet

Music: Keyboardist David Churchill


 Denver cartoonist Che Rippinger and friend Belen Ward, an art student
Denver cartoonist Che Rippinger and friend Belen Ward, an art student

By Blacktie Staff

Remember the name Che (pronouced "Shay") Rippinger. She's a local cartoonist of prodigious talent who's going to make it Big one of these days.

The effervescent Che tossed a holiday bash at the Denver Press Club this year to show off some of her work and to raise a few bucks for charity. Che, who once trained with a master cartoonist for the "New Yorker" magazine, aims her pen at relationships, pets and lifestyles issues. As a single woman, Che has a special place in her heart for spousless individuals, and has themed a series of cartoons "Been There -- Dated That."

She also loves animals -- thus her decision to invite Max Fund to the party to spread the word about its work. MaxFund, launched in 1988, is a no-kill shelter which provides emergency veterinary care and shelter for injured animals.

It was named for Max, a stray dog who was hit by a car and taken to Anderson Animal Hospital. He showed such spirit during his five surgeries that the staff put a fish bowl in the lobby, labled "The Max Fund," for donations. Max was subsequently adopted by one of the vets there. Che held her soiree at the Denver Press Club, the oldest continually operating press club in the nation (1884). The Press Benevolent Association is raising funds to preserve its historic headquarters at 1330 Glenarm Place.

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