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June 04, 2009 - Goodwill: Volunteers Rock

What: Volunteers Rock Awards Ceremony

Where: Bogey's on the park

When: Thursday, June 4, 2009

Time: 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Ticket Prices: free

Host(s): Goodwill of Denver

Mistress of Ceremonies: Ruthann Kallenberg and Nona Urban

Honoree(s): Volunteers

President(s): Tim Welker, President, CEO

Co-President(s): Joyce Schlose, Vice President of Workforce Development

Introductions: Ruthann Kallenberg and Nona Urban

Speaker: Robert Hofmann, CEC Middle College of Denver

Libations: Open bar

Catering: Bogey's on the Park

Quote of the evening: Kids who have a caring adult in their lives thrive. Joyce Schlose

Menu: Make your own tacos, fried beans, rice, fajitas and condiments of fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, ground beef, fajita beef and chicken. Dessert chocolate covered strawberries.

Attendance: approximately 120.

Attire: business casual

Event Coordinator: Alison Oyler, Marketing and Events Coordinator

Blacktie Photos by: Jan McNutt

 Goodwill President/CEO Tim Welker, Joyce Schlose and award winner David Pocs with son Lars
Goodwill President/CEO Tim Welker, Joyce Schlose and award winner David Pocs with son Lars


Goodwill Industries of Denver is known far and wide for their retail thrift stores where bargains abound.  But what many may not know is that its thriving retail operations provide funding for extensive human services program for young people in Denver high schools. Goodwill serves over 20,000 at-risk youth in 26 area high schools, providing much needed support and resources to prepare young people for the world of work.

All of this good work would not be possible if Goodwill did not have its loyal, hardworking volunteers. AIt has an army of 1100 willing, dedicated volunteers who spend much of their off hours helping the youth of Denver. On Thursday, June 4th, at Bogey’s on the Park, Goodwill volunteers were treated to a banquet of Mexican food and a Rock 'n' Roll awards ceremony to honor all those who rock at volunteering.

The awards were presented to select individuals in recognition of their numerous hours given to hands-on help and expertise offered through the metro Denver and Greeley school systems. Emcees Ruthann Kallenberg and Nona Urban, volunteer coordinators at Goodwill, received applause for simply standing at the podium. They both did an excellent job keeping the ceremony and awards moving with style and exuberance.

This year’s awards were creative. They were made of the lost but not forgotten vinyl records (from the Goodwill stores, of course) which made attractive and fun memorable plaques. The custom made label had the recipient’s name and their achievement as the title on an old 45 rpm record - perfect for the early evening Volunteers Rock Awards event.

Joyce Schlose, Vice President of Workforce Development at Goodwill, opened the ceremony, recalling her 13-year tenure at Goodwill and explained how the program she created has grown so much. She acknowledged the volunteers for putting in over 9,000 hours of work and credited them with saving the organization a quarter of a million dollars in lieu of a paid staff. Before she introduced the keynote speaker, Schlose directed her thanks to the room full of volunteers saying, “You are making such a difference in the lives of youth.” She ended her speech with more kudos to the volunteers. She reiterated the importance of adults helping children and emphasized the need for mentoring. "Kids who have a caring adult in their lives thrive."

Robert Hoffman, volunteer and instructor at the CEC Middle College of Denver, was the keynote speaker who explained how the mentors help make his job easier by reinforcing what teachers are teaching in the classroom. He thanked the volunteers wholeheartedly for their tireless work as mentors and praised their efforts by explaining how volunteers help kids to understand the real world. As part of the Goodwill curriculum, mentors work with adolescents in the Denver metro area, giving professional direction and advice toward careers, jobs, and professional skills. As the ceremony got underway, a short video, "The Good in You," was featured with an overview of the many benefits Goodwill provides youth. It highlighted how the largely volunteer organization nourishes their future plans by offering kids a ray of hope, skills, financial counseling and assistance. One young girl on the video said it all. With deep appreciation she thanked them for helping her. “Goodwill is not just good will, it is genuine will that helps people.”

The first award went to the National Society of Hispanic MBAs, for Best New Volunteer Groups. This organization recruited 20 new volunteers to serve as Daniels Fund Mock Interviewers and mentors.

First Bank received the second award for their efforts in giving 90 college-bound students the opportunity to practice their panel interviewing skills. First Bank has 37 active Goodwill volunteers to applaud. Coribeth Stanley and Leah Dirks accepted the award.

The third award of the evening went to Microsoft Advertising for sponsoring two days of Mock Scholarship Interviews at East High School.

Following the Microsoft Advertising award, the Denver Community Church won the fourth Best New Groups award for giving over 700 hours of one on one mentoring to students. Jon Gettings proudly accepted the award on behalf of the church.

Next up was the Platinum Partner award recipient, Al Wallace, CEO of Energy Environmental Corporation. Wallace was recognized for his efforts in going above and beyond in helping students learn about the world of renewable energy and ensuring that they become marketable to potential employers. The first Solid Gold award went to Gail Salazar with G&B Insurance and Financial Services. Salazar has volunteered numerous hours to teen moms and at student career fairs. Kindra Chapman won an award for her work at the Emily Griffith Opportunity School. Melanie Vanzant received an award for volunteer work through Skyline Soccer. Tom Racine, won the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame award for his tireless hours spent volunteering as a CollegePlus College Prep mentor. He’s been at it for five years with no signs of slowing down. The Rock Around the Clock awards were presented to Lindsey Bohlender, David Pocs, Jill Lazatin, Rochelle Rabeler, Katy Reisch and Lisa Stapley for their willingness to jump in and help whenever and wherever they’re needed.

Under a beautiful late spring sky the awards ceremony rocked spreading good will to all who give countless hours to Goodwill Industries of Denver.


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